Scotty James - “Disconnect”

Over the years a handful of my buddies have given me shit about romance making me soft. Soft in the sense that I don't play as much dark stuff as I used to. Looking back, they're kinda right. Truth of the matter is, I still buy dark tracks. It's just that I don't get many opportunities to play them out.

Triggered by recent events in my personal life, I felt compelled to dig deep in my collection and put something together. I locked myself in my studio this past weekend and this is what came of it. A testosterone fueled drum & bass mix that's not intended for the faint of heart. Press play and hold onto your guts!

Scotty James


Scotty James - "Disconnect"

1. Netsky - "Love Has Gone" (Enei Remix)
2. Noisia - "Program"
3. Noisia - "Crank"
4. Heavy1 - "Rhizaria"
5. Mortem - "Iceberg"
6. Noxius - "Red Pastel"
7. Fourward - "Talk To Me"
8. Maztek - "Renegade" (Optiv Remix)
9. Break - "Don't Look Down" feat. Calyx & Teebee
10. Calculon & Whizzard - "No Long Talking"
11. Noisia & Alex Perez - "Underprint"
12. Maztek - "Crawler"
13. Noisia & Joe Seven - "Ease Forward"


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