Scotty James - Lost

• April 14th, 2017

This here is 4 year old mix of mine that for some reason or other got shelved shortly after I made it.  I recently discovered it and decided to release it.  Not quite sure how to classify it, other than different that what I normally play out.  It's kind of dreamy & spacey. 

Perfect for a road trip to Slinky! ;)

Scotty James




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Jaymystic - Behavior Modification Techniques

• December 12th, 2016

This mix is just a recorded practice session I did for my own listening enjoyment that actually turned to out to be a really great mix.  I got quite a lot of feedback to put it out so here it is.  It Acid Jazz, Downtempo , Hiphop and Trip Hop  Jaymystic style.  Hope you all enjoy it.



1. J-Boogie’s Dubtronic  Science - "Dirty ft. Tim West"
2. Basement Freaks - "Talkin’ About Dat"
3. Cool Million - "Make Love"
4. Green Tea - "Cruise Control"
5. Akmusique - "Ocean Drive"
6. Dubomatic - "Fine Wine and Cigarettes"
7. King Britt - "Spaces ft. Quasimoto"
8. Young MC - "I Come Off"
9. Chat One - "The Glory"
10. Quantic - "Life in the Rain"
11. Dual Tone - "Atom"
12. Dj Cam - "St Germain"
13. Dj Cam - "Rebirth Oof Cool"
14. Funky Loco - "Hello Honey"
15. Lazylife - "Recline"
16. Lovebirds - "Icarus"
17. Lazylife - "Little Phil"
18. Kieser - "Showdown"
19. Jenova 7 - "Flying Cabs"
20. De Rigueur - "Control Is Smooth"
21. J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science - "Afro’s Inya"
22. Kraak & Smaak - "Drunken Master"
23. A Tribe Called Quest - "What Really Goes On"
24. Mari Viera - "Without Destiny"
25. Majbour - "Cheops"
26. Alex Cortiz - "Spoonful Of Air"
27. Coconut ‘74 - "The Gold Coast"
28. Flow Dynamics- "Steady Rockin’"
29. King Britt - "Planetary Analysis Ft. Rich Medina"
30. Lurob - "Down the Road"
31. J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science - "Alive"
32. Nigel Hayes - "Breakin’ Door"
33. LemonGrass - "Mermaid"
34. Dzihan & Kamien - "Homebase"
35. Akasha - "Soft & Melting"
36. Timewarp Inc - "Wanadu"
37. LTJ Bukem - "How Do You Do"

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Jaymystic - Deeply Rooted v2.1

• November 8th, 2016

This mix is a 3-hour journey into the deep house genre of dance music. It mainly focuses on the techier side of things but also dabbles in the more soulful style of deep house as well. I pay special attention to the basslines in this one by attempting to make every track a combination of really deep bass with a lot movement thereby creating a very specific energy flow where one is able to get up and dance or just chill and relax while listening. Hope this energy comes through and you all enjoy the music.


1. Changing Planes – "Go One Deeper"
2. Miguel Migs – "Body Moves" (Body love mix)
3. Eli Escobar – "Seein You"
4. MONROE – "Kill it"
5. Affkt – "Twice"
6. Basara – "Stand Apart"
7. Lanvary – "Slingshot Ride"
8. Aphrohead – "Grown Man Cry"
9. Martin Landsky – "I’m a Bitch"
10. Josh Butler – "On the Edge"
11. Spiritchaser – "Wild Orchid"
12. Dathan Williams – "Free 2 Love" (Fred Everything Remix)
13. Studioheist – "All My Love"
14. Kinky Movement – "Keep Moving On"
15. Chymamusique – "Funk & Soul"
16. Marko Militano – "Good People" (Director’s Cut)
17. Wag Ya Tail – "Xpanda ya Mind" (12’ vocal master)
18. G Spice – "A Sa Sha"
19. Waifs & Strays – "Heartbeat"
20. Vincenzo – "Such Great Heights"
21. Darius Syrossian – "Gravity Check"
22. Rui Maia – "Subvert Normality"
23. Waifs & Strays – "Automatique"
24. Jazzy Eyewear – "Away"
25. Big Al – "Crying"
26. Lord-Driga Markweah – "Half Moon"
27. HR& SKI – "Aveja"
28. Doza – "It comes in Waves"
29. Chymamusique – "Love Anthem"
30. Leanbacker – "Costa Del Soul"
31. Catz’N Dogz – "Czas Poczka"
32. German Brigante – "So Good"
33. Audiojack – "Turya"
34. Deepkeen – "Look Around You"
35. Dathan Williams – "Free 2 Love" (Vox Remix)
36. Kotelett & Zadak - "Substancia Negra"
37. Jay Tripwire – "Babylon Will Fall"
38. Sabo – "Loud Dreams"
39. Martin Roth – "Epic Waves"
40. Aluria – "Brand New Ancients"
41. Finest Wear – "Things We Do"
42. Ludwix – "You & I"

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Scotty James - Live @ Re:love x Slinky 2017

• November 8th, 2016

In June of this year, our friends at Re:love invited all the Slinky resident DJs to come play for the day.   It was an absolutely beautiful day in the park and a great day of music.  I played an early set of chilled out stuff and got a little funky towards the end once folks started to loosen up and dance. 

For more info on Re:love, visit:

Scotty James


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Scotty James - Slinky 17 Re-do

• November 7th, 2016

This here is a remake of my live set from Slinky 17.  Unfortunately all the recordings were messed up, so most of the resident DJs re-recorded theirs.   This is mine.

For more live mixes and info about Slinky, visit

Scotty James


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jlife - Dream Til You Fly

• May 13th, 2016

Here's a collection of dreamy drum & bass tracks that I recently compiled.  Press play, sit back and enjoy!



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Scotty James - Live @ Slinky SF Sessions 2016

• May 11th, 2016

Albeit it late, here's a portion of my live mix from Slinky SF Sessions.  The CDJs were acting up for some of my set, but this is a good 55 minute uninterrupted chunk of it.  For more live mixes and info about Slinky, visit

Scotty James


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Juicy Dubble - The Grimey Valentino Mix

• March 2nd, 2016


So we were rummaging through our hard drive recently and low and behold, we stumbled upon this 10 year old mix of ours.  For some reason, it got shelved and we never put it out.  After listening to it, it's not bad so we decided to release it.   

It was recorded live on two turntables, a mixer and lawd knows what else.  Enjoy it, imperfections and all!

Juicy Dubble
(Scotty James + jlife)

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Jaymystic - Let The Morning Come

• December 22nd, 2015

I can’t remember the last I programmed a mix that didn’t have the dance floor as it’s sole purpose.  With that in mind I decided to record one strictly for the pleasure of listening to deep techy tunes. You might be able dance to parts here and there but the major of it this is about one thing, experiencing great music that takes you into another space. 

Back in the old days, we would call this style music cuddle puddle, X Music or “come down” music and would always play this stuff when we got home from the parties, raves or were tripping at home with friends.  I am in a different place in my life now and don’t really partake in most of those activities anymore but that doesn’t mean I still don’t have a soft spot for deep trippy music. 

So here you are, with two hours of really great deep techy tunes at your fingertips, what are you going do? I recommend putting on your headphones, closing your eyes and really let this one sink in while you listen.  If you let it, this mix will take you another place and bring you back home safe and sound. 

Hope you enjoy the listen!


1. Davi – “False Awakenings”
2. D. Diggler – “Weed”
3. Audiowhores & Haze – “Stay” (Dub Instrumental)
4. Fred Everything – “Searching” (Deetron Remix)
5. Andrew Macari – “Release Me”
6. Simian Mobile Disco – “Hachinoko”
7. Slinder – “Labyrinth” (Slinder Remix)
8. Namito & Brams – “YTO”
9. Paperclip People – “Throw”
10. Matt Lange – “This Is How It Is”
11. Nandu – “Walk” (Andre Crom RMX)
12. Rishi K. – “Paint the Sky”
13. Jay F.M. – “My World” (Lucefora “Into The Deep” Remix)
14. Roman Flugel – “Teenage Engineering”
15. KMLN – “Danadue”
16. Maher Daniel – “Lonely Stars In Open Skies”
17. Bedouin – “Flight Of Birds”
18. Lake People – “Drifting Red” (Lawrence RMX)
19. Tim Penner – “Ride Til Dawn”
20. Loquai – “Night Crawler"
21. Kiki – “Supermoon”
22. Helly Larson –“ Floating In Space”
23. Kriece – “Downfall” (Jay Tripwire Dub)
24. Florian Muller – “Weird Times”
25. Matter – “You Are Here” (Matias Chilano RMX)
26. Andy Hart – “Dream On Kepler”

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Danny Massure - Live @ Easy pts 1 & 2 - 11/8/15

• December 22nd, 2015

Check out this live mix from Easy resident: Danny Massure, recorded at the debut event in November.  Danny is a talented producer & DJ within the world music scene and we're honored to have him involved in the Easy events. 

For more info on Danny, visit

The Hush Crew


Part 1
1. Jungle Fire- "Tokuta" (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar)
2. DJ Cation - "Danza Negra" (Danny Massure Edit)
3. The Beatnuts - "Watch Out Now" (Altered Tapes Rework)
4. Finnebassen - "Baby" (Ron Basejam Remix)
5. William De Vaughn - "Be Thankful For What You Got" (FKJ Remix)
6. D'Angelo - "Brown Sugar" (King Most Redirection)
7. AM & Shawn Lee - "Somebody Like You" (Loopez Remix)
8. Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - "Only Now" (Bosq Remix)
9. Novalima - "Yo Voy" (Faze Action remix)

Part 2
10. SkiiTour - "Awkward Tour"
11. Sunner Soul - "Show Me Your Love"
12. Captain Planet feat. Chico Mann - "Un Poquito Mas"
13. Pablo Sanchez - "Out and About" (Opolopo remix)
14. SkiiTour - "Senior Mafia" (Get Money)
15. Fatty M, Matoa - "Douchebag"

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