Scotty - “Caught Up”

As an electronic music fan, I've always appreciated Drum & Bass. When I first started spinning, I'd purchase a few records here and there, but never really could afford to spin multiple genres as vinyl wasn't cheap! So I just stuck to what I knew, which was house and breaks. Since then, dance music has gone mostly digital and it's more affordable.

After discovering Bassdrive a few years back, my passion for Drum & Bass was re-ignited and I started purchasing DnB tracks again. If you haven't listened to Bassdrive yet, I highly recommend it. Their DJ's are fantastic and the music is superb!

Recorded 2 years ago, this mix was a result of my new found passion for this somewhat misunderstood genre. It symbolizes a transitional time period in my life that for better or worse, taught me a couple valuable lessons. It's a lighthearted, heavy bottomed mix that's woven together by both my heart & soul. Enjoy!



Scotty - "Caught Up"

1. Atlantic Connection feat. Minds One & Treason - “Can’t Destroy Love”
2. Redeyes - “Breakable feat. Sweed”
3. Lomax & Bcee - “One Year On”
4. Lenzman - “Caught Up” (Nu:Tone Remix)
5. Bungle - “25th Floor” (Dj Marky & VIP Remix)
6. Baron - “At The Drive In”
7. Lomax - “Avenue feat. Eveson”
8. Lomax & Suv - “Breakaway” (Kubiks & Lomax Remix)
9. Atlantic Connection - “Polaroid”
10. Basic Operations - “4th Street Sound Click (Kubiks & Lomax Remix)
11. Random Movement - ”Her Song”
12. Sabre & Alix Perez - “Solitary Native”
13. SpectraSoul - “In My Arms”
14. Bachelors of Science - “Dreams Come True”
15. Unit Zero - “Two Spirits”


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