jlife - “Sick”

So I wake up last Thursday with a mysterious headache from hell! The pain was absolutely overwhelming. I honestly have never experienced anything like it. The only thing that helped was if I laid down. Went to the doc, got an MRI, meds, the whole sha-bang and ending up coming home to feel shittier than before. Thanks doc! It's been almost 5 days now and they are still not sure what's wrong me. Fortunately I am feeling better today. Thank you to all my friends who were concerned. Your love and appreciation was felt. You guys rock!

I must say that laying down in pain for 5 days straight has a weird way of provoking creativity. I couldn't just let myself waste valuable time like that. I was sick of TV and craved music, but had sensitivity to sound. I wanted to hear music that made my heart beat in my chest, rather than my head. Songs that took me to a place of comfort and tranquility, rather than a crowded dance floor. I dug through my lists and found some nice random gems that hit the spot. May they help comfort you as they did me. Enjoy!



jlife - "Sick"

1. Junior Boys - "What's It For?"
2. Jamie Jones - "Ruckus" (Discoide Dub)"
3. ICR - "Lost"
4. CFCF - "Letters Home" (Memory House Mix)
5. Lusine - "Tin Hat"
6. Solvent - "Loss For Words" (Vector Lovers Remix)
7. Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work" (The Twelve Remix)
8. Siriusmo - "Gummiband"
9. Junior Boys - "Bits & Pieces"
10. The Invisible - "Lon Don Girl"
11. 2 Wicker - "Who Are You?" (Junior Boys Remix)
12. GTL Boroughs Project - "Closer"
13. Palm Skin Productions - "Love Will Go"
14. Telefon Tel Aviv - "Mostly Translucent"


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