Jaymystic - “Technique Relaxation”

This mix is a serious collection of sexy downtempo, balearic chillout and classic ambient tunes.  It starts off with some sexy jazzy downtempo,  then goes into a little balearic chillout which blends nicely into about 20 minutes of meditative ambient tunes.  From there I get back into some slower tempo beats with some jazzy/funky dubbed out stuff and finish off with a couple of choice R&B tunes. It is perfect for those lazy afternoons or late night sessions where relaxing and recovery is the ultimate goal.  Hope you all enjoy this one, cuz it's a real beauty.



Jaymystic - "Technique Relaxation"

1. Green Tea – “Cruise Control”
2. Cool Million ft. Janique – “Making Love”
3. Alex Cortiz – “Schmooz”
4. Digby Jones – “Pina Colada”
5. Beanfield – “Planetary Deadlock”
6. Yonderboi – “Riders On The Storm”
7. Tosca – “Mango Di Bango”
8. Nigel Hayes – “Breakin Doors”
9. J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science – “Alive”
10. Lemongrass – “Mermaid”
11. Mirage of Deep – “Traveling”
12. Ultimate Dream – “Look Around”
13. Ambient Gods – “Trip To Mars”
14. Ambient Gods – “Sequenchill’
15. Ultimate Dream – “In The Air Tonight”
16. Faro – “Toscan Dawn”
17. Munch – “Aug”
18. Photo in Lounge – “Meadows”
19. Grooveblaster – “Angie Dickinson” (DJ Spinna Remix)
20. Nigel Hayes – “Lisa's Flat”
21. J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science – “Afro's Inya”
22. Erykah Badu – “Certainly” (Flipped it)


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