Jaymystic - “Pleasure From The Bass v2.0″”

I'm happy to announce the second half of the Pleasure From The Bass mix that debuted on Housewreckaz Radio show Friday, February 1st is up and ready for download. This half picks right back up where it left off in the first half, keeping the deep funky disco vibe going for a little while before getting into some straight ahead deep techy house with a classic from 1996 by Rasoul.

The mix stays with the deeper stuff for quite a while, going back and forth between techy, disco and vocals. This section is packed full of full future classics from artists like: Andre Crom, Hot Natured and Dj Fudge.

From there, the mix jets back into outer space, and comes to a close in the familiar deep techy realm of house. This half of the mix never really lets you breath and keeps firing hit after hit. If you are into the deeper side of house then this one should keep your interest for quite a while.



Jaymystic - "Pleasure From The Bass v2.0"

1. 2nd Shift - "Somethin' Else"
2. Yam Who? - "I'm In Love"
3. Miguel Campbell - "Kiss & Tell"
4. Derek Dunbar - "Breakin' Down"
5. Rasoul - "Ya'll Feel That?"
6. Mr. Moon - "I Can't Get Over"
7. Big Al - "Say To Me" (Fer Ferrari Remix)
8. Dj Fudge - "Cali"
9. Andre Crom - "Body Dreaming"
10. H.O.S.H. - "Technicolour"
11. Lunabass - "Section 172"
12. Hot Natured - "Benediction"
13. Oliver Desmet - "In The Pocket"
14. Adham - "Artificial Harmony" (Ross Couch Remix)
15. Andre Bonsor - "Silent Forest"
16. Masahiro Suzuki - "Fujidrops"
17. Nacho Marco - "Miranda"
18. Stereo Mutants - "I Wanna Go" (Mr. Moon Dub Mix)


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