Jaymystic - “From Deep Within”

I was going through some of my house tracks over the holidays and discovered that I had a lot music I'd forgotten about while messing around with drum and bass the last few months. I was really feeling them, so I decided to make a new house mix.

This mix is deeeeeeep with lots of vocals and cool techy noises. I don’t every fully commit to straight tech house or vocal house. Instead, I ride that line between both and just keep it really deep. If you like big fat basslines, trippy noises, and a relentless groove…then you are going to love this mix! It's uncompromisingly positive with the hopes that folks will start to appreciate that feeling on the dance floor again.



Jaymystic - "From Deep Within"

1. Osaze ft. Jaidene Vede - "Sunday"
2. Mr. Ali - "Rial"
3. Frankie Knuckles - "Fly Away"
4. Lovebirds - "The Beast"
5. Random Soul feat. Kristen - "Take Your Time"
6. Dj Simi - "Dream It"
7. Duamas - "Every Day Every Night Over Top"
8. Terry Grant - "A Moth On The Window Pain"
9. Shades of Gray - "Dis this"
10. Harley & Muscle - "Then Came You"
11. Phil Asher - We Can Make It Happen"
12. Joey Negro - "Every Day Of The Week"
13. MK - "Burning" (James Talk Remix)
14. Ross Couch - "Fall Into Love"
15. Sergio Flores - "Give It Back"
16. Rob Haynes - "Miami Dreams"
17. Reese Project - "Direct Me"
18. Joey Negro - "Get Your Music On"
19. Karol XVII & Mike Valence - "Drooling Mouthpiece"
20. Patrick Podage - "Woodnote"
21. Spiritchaser - "So Clear"
22. Low Deep T - "Now That I've Found You"
23. Dj Deep - "Running"
24. Vincenzo & Lovebirds - "M.U.S.I.C."
25. Ross Couch - "Last On Home" (Spiritchaser Remix)
26. Seamus Nut - "Bling Bling"
27. Scope - "Dyisi"
28. Henri Josh - "We Are Free"


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