Jaymystic - “Drift To Center”

I've been wanting to make this mix for years now but didn’t have all of the tracks needed to do it in a proper way. Thankfully with the help of some recent vinyl rips, I've been able to put together what I am calling a Wicked Crew tribute mix. This mix contains many of the anthems that I remember Jeno and Garth playing at the Wicked parties in SF and LA.

I specifically recreated the first 15 minutes of Jeno's "Bang the Drum" as well as lifted several two track mixes from Garth's "Eze Skankin" and "Smokin" mixtapes. The first hour of this mix is old school tracks they helped make famous and were most known for in my circle of friends.

The last hour of the mix is new tracks I thought had that trademark Wicked style and flavor. I made this mix to digitally capture some of the best moments I remember and have ever heard recorded on a mixtape and want to make it clear that I do not want to take credit for a majority of the song selections and their order for the first hour of this mix.

It is strictly a digital recreation recorded in order to pay homage for all those who fondly remember the glory days of the Wicked Crew and early days of underground warehouse parties on the U.S. west coast. This mix is extremely deep with a lot of what today's genrefication obsessed would call tech house but to those of us who lived it, we just called it Wicked!

Hope you all enjoy the journey!



Jaymystic - "Drift To Center"

1. Sasha - "Heavenly Trance"
2. New Latin Age - "The Long Wave"
3. Original Rockers - "Rockers To Rockers"
4. Gypsymen - "Bounce" (Wild Warped mix)
5. Mato - "Drifting"
6. Francois K - "Hypodelic"
7. Dj Edge - "Down With FK?"
8. Dj Garth - "20 Minutes Of Disco Glory"
9. Justin Simmons - "I Need My Disco Fix"
10. Julien Jabre - "Swimming Places"
11. Mateo Matos - "Want U Tonight" (Dj Rasoul remix)
12. Tony Lioni - "Steps Ahead"
13. Frankman - "Cold Nights"
14. Mike Perra - "Beginning Of Life"
15. Mission Control - "Outa Limits"
16. Bobby Konders - "Nervous Acid"
17. DeeMac - "Struck Under You"
18. Arco - "Wonderlin" (Ross Couch mix)
19. Rotciv - "Tonight"
20. Latecomer - "The  21. Surreal Pill - "Red Herb"
22. Miroslav Houselsky - "Bio Digital Disco Sound"
23. Francesco Zani - "3:22 AM"
24. Stu Pa - "Brigitte Bordeaux"
25. Maceo Plex - "Ain't That Love"
26. Music for Freaks - "That Kennedy Song"
27. Maceo Plex - "Your Style"
28. Giom - "World Go Round"
29. Maetrik & Maceo Plex - "Fabrik"
30. Bizarre Tracks - "Sensory Delight"


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  • aNgElA hErNaNdEz

    i see my good buddy RASOUL, on your list there, as well as mark, etc. i have heard of you before, but stumbled upon this incredulous mix visa vi pure serendipity!!! I am a die hard “Ibisa Sonica” fan on i tunes radio, but their programming last night was so-so. And every other time i have opted to try a new station it usually ended in a BLURRRRGGGG…..snore….. lol, then i try HUSH RADIO cause i like the name and BAM!!!! all of my hard work is instantly repaid!!!!HARD WORK meaning, one of the ORIGINAL RAVERS AND PROMOTERS….. I remember how HARD we fought for our music and Right To Party, lol…..big ups son!

    Nov 16, 2012 at 2:10 pm