Jaymystic - “Do Replicants Dream?”

I have really been getting into the new school deep house artists lately and this mix reflects the best of the best that I have found in the last couple of months. The new school deep house artists are going one of two ways, deep and techy or deep and funky as opposed to the old school deep house where disco dominated and the tracks were usually centered around vocals. Maceo Plex AKA Maetrix is really at the forefront of this genre, but locals like Droog and Culprit Records have had quite an impact as well.

So that's enough history for today, let’s talk about the mix. It starts off with a light mellower techy track that slowly transitions into a moody track by Maetrix which pretty much sets the mood for the next half hour. I then transition into some funkier styles dominated by classic track Miura by Metro Area. From their, I get back into the techy stuff but a little more techno than tech house. I never really fully commit to the techno sounds. Instead I pull back out into some mellower uplifting tech house. I then end the whole mix on the funkier side with some future boogie and deep filtered disco. Hope you all enjoy this mix and style cuz I’m going to dabbling in it for a while.

Thanks for all the support!

~ Jaymystic


Jaymystic - "Do Replicants Dream?"

1. Enrico Donner – "Time Stands Still"
2. Maceo Plex – "You & Me"
3. Black Gadsby – "Navigating an Asteroid Field"
4. Maceo Plex – "Frisky"
5. D’Julz – "Sulo"
6. Jayden San – "Million Miles"
7. Glimpse & Martin – "No One Belongs Here More Than You"
8. Martin Dawson – "Think About It"
9. Giom – "Inverted Coma"
10. PBR Streetgang – "Downstroke"
11. Metro Area – "Miura"
12. Maceo Plex – "Cant Leave You"
13. Ron Trent – "I Feel The Rhythm"
14. Maceo Plex – "Aint That love"
15. Bumpin’ Ugly – "Work Me"
16. Francesco Zani – "3:22 am"
17. Bazar – "Hard To Find"
18. Quivver – "Happy"
19. Soul Clap – "Incoming Bitch"
20. Maceo Plex – "Dexters Flight"
21. Nicolas Masseyeff – "Mugen"
22. Maceo Plex – "Stop Your Hate"
23. Yam Who? – "I’m In love"
24. Miguel Campbell – "Kiss & Tell"


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