Scotty James - “New Name, Same Game”

Yep. I'm changing my name, but not by too much. James is actually my middle name. When I first started DJ'ing, people would ask me what my DJ name was and I didn't have one, so I just went by Scotty. Honestly, I didn't care to have one at the time. I wanted people to know me as a friend that's up on the decks spinning tunes, rather than some fancy named DJ. Nothing against DJ's who have creative names. It's just not my thing.

As the years progressed, it dawned on me that I needed a way to distinguish myself from other DJ's out there with the name Scotty. I pondered switching it to Scott James as it has a nice international feel to it, right? Then it dawned on me. That's what my parents used to call me when I was in trouble. I don't want a name puts me in fear of getting grounded every time I hear it. So, I guess Scotty James it is! I'm still the same Scotty, just with a fancy new name.

This mix is a feel good summer time house mix. It was originally inspired by seeing Saynt play at Lightning in a Bottle a couple of months ago. My girlfriend and I stumbled upon his set and could not stop dancing. It was refreshing to hear a good funky house set amongst all the darker genres that tend to dominate the burner scene. It's not that I don't like the dark stuff either. We we're just craving good house that day and boy did we find it! With that being said, I hope this mix brings you as much happiness and joy as you deserve.

Scotty James

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Scotty James - "New Name, Same Game"

1. Eloi Brunelle - "Hard Drama"
2. Tommy Largo - "Don't You Ever"
3. Little Man Big - "This Is The Way" (Tom Special Interest Mix)
4. Sound Republic - "Fresh Produce"
5. Quell - "Nothing You Can Do"
6. Mike Frugaletti - "Thumpable"
7. Rescue - "Can't Do Love"
8. Giano - "Feeling Good" (To-Ka Project Remix)
9. Dirty Deep Peeps - "Funky Good Times" (Rescue Remix)
10. Sound Republic - "Huffy Fun Box"
11. Forrest Avery & Derty D - "Soul Injection"
12. Arco - "Jack That"
13. Quell - "No Mountains"
14. Joshua Heath - "That's The Way"


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