jlife - Lifters of the Suck

• June 13th, 2014

The title is what is says. Music has an amazing healing power and for me, the most strength comes from Drum and Bass. It seems like things are changing at a rapid pace these days, but one thing that seems to remain free of corruption of infected by the affected is good old DnB.

There are not many drugs that relieve the day to day struggles (without hallowing ones' soul out) like music. Hearing the right sound can actually release your body's own natural drug called "endorphins". That is your brain telling your body that you really like something. But you knew that.

There is an endless amount of things that you can say make life "suck". Music is the one thing that makes all those things digest comfortably. I hope this brings you to a happy place in the clouds where the "suck" cant find you. Hopefully this medicine has the right ingredients to help lift you up and out of the "suck" if it has somehow invaded your mainframe. Jump into your invisible plane and raise high in the sky where the "suck" cant survive.

Use these tracks to defend you from the "suck". You know you are ready. You have your weapons now and these tracks are exactly that...the "Lifters of the Suck"!


jlife_liftersofthesuck.jpgjlife - "Lifters Of The Suck"

1. Komatic - "The Open Choice"
2. Carter, Paul SG - "Telly's Theme"
3. Macca, Loz Conteras - "Wanna Be Your Lover"
4. Phat Playaz - "Date With You In The Next Life"
5. Tokyo Prose - "Songbird"
6. Calibre - "The Wash"
7. Severity Zero - "Bread & Cruises"
8. Cameo & Krooked - "All Night" (Etherwood remix)
9. Platform, Mina Fedora - "Never Mind" feat. Mina Fedora (Duoscience VIP)
10. Mayforms, Dekoi - "Eternal Sunshine"
11. Command Strange - "If You Want To Make Love"
12. Blade - "Levitate"
13. ??? - "Affection"
14. Brunno Junglist - "Parents" (Duoscience remix)
15. DJ Chap - "Inna Streets" (L-Side remix)
16. Calibre - "Miraculous"
17. Lomax, Bcee, Deeizm - "One Year On" (Vocal Edit)
18. Nclear, Eugenics Eight - "Break Down"
19. XRS, DJ Marky - "Distant Lover"
20. Nclear - "You'll Never Know" feat. KNR


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Scotty James - Live @ Lightning In A Bottle 2013

• June 12th, 2014

I'm über-excited to announce that my live recording from last year's Lightning In A Bottle Festival finally surfaced and got released on The Do Lab's podcast. Playing on The Woogie Stage was on my DJ bucket list. Huge thanks to Pocket Underground & The Do Lab for giving me an opportunity to play! :)

Enjoy and for more info on The Do Lab's upcoming events, check out http://thedolab.com.

Scotty James



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Rob Beta - Drop BASS, Not Bombs

• May 21st, 2014

You know that feeling you get when a track kicks in and the bass just vibrates right through your body? Man, there's nothing like it... Bwomp, Bwomp, Bwomp! I can't get enough of it, my friends.

Inspired by all the bass I've been hearing going out lately, I whipped out some of my bassiest house tracks and went to town. This mix is the result. A little jacking, a little deep, and a lot of extra bass for yo' face.

This is one of my favorite mixes I've made. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much I enjoyed making it. And now…it's time for "Drop BASS, Not Bombs" to rock your speakers!

Rob Beta

Rob-Beta---Drop-BASS-Not-Bombs-Artwork.jRob Beta - "Drop BASS, Not Bombs"

1. Martin Ikin - "What You've Done"
2. Oliver Heldens - "Gecko"
3. Justin Martin, Galen - "Dust Devil"
4. Sonic Future - "Waiting For"
5. Bontan - "Move On Out"
6. Disclosure - "My Intention Is War (Fig ii)"
7. Golf Clap - "Dream Trippin'" (Low Steppa Remix)
8. Mercer - "Turn it up" (Tchami Remix)
9. Golf Clap - "On To You" (Kinky Movement Remix)
10. DJ Dan, Simon Doty - "Disco Slice"
11. DJ Dan, WhiteNoize - "Engine No. 9"
12. Andy Caldwell - "Hold the Line feat. Lisa Shaw" (WhiteNoize Remix)
13. Squarehead - "In My Head"
14. EdOne, Bodden - "Do It"
15. Shiba San - "Okay"


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Idiot Savant - Live @ Flashback 2012

• May 21st, 2014

"Yeah, so this was live, and might not make that much sense, maybe a little sloppy, but if it was anything different, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. The Hush Crew did an old school acid party, downtown, the whole room was packed and had to be over 100 degrees. We were sweating through our shirts, dripping on the mixer and it was absolutely fucking fantastic! One for the books!"

Idiot Savant



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Jaymystic - Deeparture

• April 23rd, 2014

This is the second mix in a series I am currently recording, that explores the more modern styles of deep house. Much like the first one, “Deeper”, this mix contains some of my favorite tech, vocal and bass oriented rhythms that I have collected in the past few months. From the very start, this mix gets right into the groove and really sets the tone for the entire 2.5 hours.

While it starts with a more deep house feel, the mix quickly progresses into a techy style and spends a good portion of the middle going between tech, deep and bass sounds, with the occasional vocal thrown in to break it up a bit. The later portion explores some of deeper techno sounds I have been collecting but it never really veers to far away from the deeper bassy tones established earlier. I bring the whole thing to end with some really incredible deep progressive tunes that have been making their way into the stores and conclude with the one best feel good, lights on songs I have ever found.

Seeing as how it took several months to piece this one together, I really think you are going to be able to hear the detail and time spent putting together the harmonies. Hope you enjoy the journey!

Thanks for listening,


Jaymystic - "Deeparture"

1. Tony Barbato – “Deep Down”
2. Pain Killer – “Balearic Groove”
3. Denis A - “Black Sun” (Guy Mantzur Remix)
4. Harold Heath – “Our Love”
5. Foamo – “Without You”
6. Jay Lumen – “Nobody”
7. Spiritchaser – “Human Factor”
8. SQL – “Wiebel” (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)
9. Isaac Tichauer – “Hypersensitive Lover”
10. Matter – “Grooving The Eternal Now”
11. Max & Sims – “Get It On”
12. Florian Meindl – “Flashmob” (Doc Martin’s Subwarp Voice Remix)
13. Frankie Knuckles – “The One’s You Love” (DJ Meme Remix)
14. Andrea Roma – “I Get Tired” (Moonbeam Remix)
15. Dousk – “Look Good Tonight”
16. Weiss – “Treat Me Right”
17. Seb Skalski – “I Am Over You” (Spiritchaser Remix)
18. Affkt – “Dorola”
19. Michael A – “Castle”
20. Noah Phred – “Loss For Words”
21. Affkt – “We Are Safe”
22. 4 Da People – “Mac Muzik”
23. Thodoris Triantafillou – “Body Clock”
24. Spencer Parker – “The Look”
25. Gulivert – “Time To Look”
26. Pipes – “Crooked Love” (Trevino Remix)
27. Maceo Plex – “Conjure Drama”
28. Time Takers – “Burning Up”
29. Low Steppa – “Dub”
30. Nathan Coles – “Stix”
31. Benny Graurer – “The Poem”
32. Blood Groove – “Sweet Harmony”
33. Dance Spirit – “You’re Not There”
34. M A N I K – “Finch”
35. Yuriy From Russia – “Santa Fe”
36. Guy J – “We Do It Best”
37. Hot Since 82 – “Error 909”
38. DNYO – “Roots” (Dousk Remix)
39. Terry Francis – “Relax” (Tigerskin Unconscious Remix)
40. Yunta – “Distorted” (Dale Middleton Remix)
41. Jaytech - “Atlantic”
42. Metodi Hristov – “Earth” (Coyu Edit)
43. Ida Engberg – “Devil Dance”
44. Jade Blue – “Lately”
45. Dousk – “Sleipner”
46. Steve McGrath – “Sea Of Clouds” (East Café Remix)
47. Mark Knight – “Man With The Red Face”


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jlife - Beautiful Darkness

• January 31st, 2014

A few words... I decided to start this mix with a what could be my all time favorite dnb track . I realized I haven't made a mix in a while, so I grabbed random tracks from different years and some how these tracks just seemed to roll together nicely. The beats and melodies seemed to flow so lovely and I felt even though it was a super fast process this time, it was the pure luck of draw with this one.

I also realized after focusing on the melodies and music part, that the lyrics on most of the tracks are rather dark. Regardless, it doesn't matter because it's always been about the music with me. I enjoyed making it, I hope you feel what I felt. The smiles, the endorphins, and most definitely the tingles.


jlife - "Beautiful Darkness"

1. Seba & Lo Tek - "So Long"
2. Dave Owen - "Spare Change"
3. Enea - "Waiting"
4. Total Science feat. Riya - "Suspicious" (Alex Perez Remix)
5. MSDOS & Clart - "Obstacles"
6. Ji Ben Gong & Kalum - "Play With Your Heart"
7. DJ Marky & Invaderz - "Break The Spell"
8. Zero T & Steo - "Refusal" (Calibre Remix)
9. Hybrid Minds - "Meant To Be"
10. Airstake - "2100"
11. Seba - "Shades Of Me & You"
12. Greyscale - "Impossible Dream"
13. Phil Tangent - "Contrition"
14. Total Science Feat Riya - "See Your Face"
15. Sunny Crimea - "Dance With You"
16. Young Ax - "High Rollers"
17. Komatic & Technicolor - "We Were Always One"


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Jaymystic & Scotty James - Live @ Audiodelic 2013

• December 13th, 2013

For those of you who missed our set at Audiodelic, here’s a copy that you can download, share and trade with friends this holiday season. Big thanks to Kenji and the Love -n- Happiness team for inviting us out to play. We had a blast!

Jaymystic & Scotty James


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Jaymystic - Head Space

• November 21st, 2013

I have been getting more and more into the tech as of late, so I decided to put together a mix featuring the techy / progressive sounds I have been finding.

The overall feel of this audio journey is deep techy and dubby with lots of delay, washes and hypnotic rhythms. The combination of heady sounds deep bass and banging beats really makes this a fun experience.

I kept finding myself closing my eyes and zoning off in the epic soundscapes when previewing this one. I think you all are going to enjoy this new direction.


Jaymystic - "Head Space"

1. Deepfunk - "The Mind Palace"
2. Stephen Kroos - "Reperfusion"
3. Onur Ozman - "Voice of You" (Timewriter Remix)
4. Dosem - "Tales of Tomorrow"
5. Peter Corvaia - "Don’t Mess with Life" (Khen Remix)
6. Mark Reeve - "Moving Horizons" (Pig & Dan Remix)
7. John Digweed - "Trezz" (dub)
8. Jerom Isma-Ae - "Tomorrow"
9. Vansam - "Particle Shadows" (Zee Prevee Remix)
10. Yapacc - "Punkow"
11. Gavin Herlihy - "The Sequence"
12. Stiven Rivic - "Justice" (Sahar Z)
13. Henry Saiz - "The Cryptologist"
14. Ian O’Donovan - "Aurora Borealis"
15. Michael - "Maneuver" (Guy Mantzur)
16. Dosem - "Black Unicorn"
17. Maceo Plex - "Going Back" (Dub)
18. 21 street - "Spiritual Control" (Aerofeel5 Remix)
19. D-Nox & Beckers - "Jacranda" (Dosem Remix)
20. Fusion F & Come T - "Blue River"
21. White Resonnace - "Video Girls"
22. Inner City - "Good Life" (Matt Smallwood Remix)
23. Biomin - "Peace of Mind"
24. Tintin - "Vienes"
25. White Resonnance - "Pretty Girls Rise Up"
26. Dj Kaos - "Kosmischer Ruckenwind"
27. Guy J & Sahar Z - "7.11"
28. Luis Bondio - "Bottomless" (Cid Inc. Remix)
29. LoQuai - "Another Day at the Dream Factory"
30. Stiven Rivic - "Mind the Gap"
31. Inkfish - "Forgotten"
32. Andre B - "Blue Coral"


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Rob Beta & Jordan - “All Over The Map”

• November 14th, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for something a little out of the ordinary. In a world filled with uptempo club music, we sometimes forget that downtempo and midtempo music also rocks the dance floor. So it is with this in mind that we present to you "All over the Map" - an eclectic mix by us mixed live at The Hush Crew's 2013 Halloween party "Creature Feature."

Hope you enjoy the trip!

Rob Beta & Jordan

Rob Beta & Jordan - "All Over The Map"

1. Oingo Boingo - "This is Halloween"
2. M.I.A. - "Paper Planes (Diplo Remix)"
3. Foreigner - "Cold as Ice (A. Skillz/Nick Thayer Mix)"
4. Nine Inch Nails - "Satellite"
5. Fever Ray - "Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)"
6. The Chemical Brothers - "Another World"
7. The Knife - "Heartbeats (Rex the Dog Remix)"
8. Grandmaster Flash - "White Lines"
9. Todd Terje - "Inspector Norse"
10. Grum - "Power"
11. Egyptian Lover - "Egypt, Egypt"
12. Depeche Mode - "Strangelove (Blind Mix)"
13. Rob Beta - "Perfect Girl"
14. Kill Frenzy - "Make that Booty Clap"
15. Le Le - "Breakfast"
16. Booka Shade - "Planetary"
17. Deadmau5 - "Faxing Berlin"
18. The Presets - "If I Know You"
19. Justin Martin - "Robot Romance"
20. The Art Of Noise - "Moments in Love"
21. Lopazz, Betoko - "New Dimension"
22. No Hands - "Clap Your (Jhz Remix)"
23. Eurhythmics - "Sweet Dreams Remix"
24. The Martin Brothers - "Full Moon"
25. Hardkiss - "God Within"
26. Claude Von Stroke - "Turbosteppa"


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jlife - “Fine Life”

• October 27th, 2013

First it was "Fine Line", followed by "Fine Line 2". Now I present to you "Fine Life".

The love continues…


jlife - "Fine Life"

1. Enea - "The Lake feat. MC Fava"
2. Macca & Vector - "Two Lovers"
3. Command Strange - "Summertime"
4. Paul SG & Undersound - "The Last Ceremony"
5. Dave Owen - "Nocturnal"
6. Mav - "Grace Light"
7. LTJ Bukem - "Atlantis" (Marky & S.P.Y. Rework)
8. Break - "They're Wrong"
9. "When Our Word Jaded" (Seba Remix)
10. Protone, RoyGreen - "Puff Piff"
11. S.P.Y. - "One Last Quest"
12. Technimatic - "Sphere"
13. nCamago - "Closer To You"
14. B Cloud - "Polus"
15. Motta - "Money Maker" (Duoscience Remix)
16. MSDOS - "Reconstruction" (Roy Green & Protone remix)
17. Phat Playaz & Deeper Conne - "Signs"
18. Calibre - "Notting Hill"
19. Fredric Robinson - "Laughing at Clouds"
20. Alix Perez - "Annie's Song" feat. Sam Wills (S.P.Y. Remix)


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