Jaymystic - Ascension

• April 11th, 2015

I finally found some time to record a new DnB mix with all the new tunes I have been finding over the past several months. In contrast to my last several DnB mixes, I wanted to cover a lot of ground in this one and really take people on a journey.

This trip starts off with a couple of techy tunes but gets into the jump up thing fairly quickly. It stays with the harder sounds for a while before shifting down into some liquid mellowing things out a bit. It stays liquid for a couple tracks before dropping back into the harder sounds.

From there, the mix goes back and forth between heady / ethereal tunes and big bass rollers for really unique sound that you don’t often hear in the DnB world. The mix comes to a close with about 30 minutes of liquid tech that really sets up the ending nicely.

The mix really is quite journey and clocking in at 3 hours I find myself fairly emotionally spent after listening to it. I really had fun programming and recording this one, hope you all enjoy it as much as did making it.



1. Northern Horizon – "Faint”
2. Jaybee – "Delivery Service"
3. Turno - "Boiling Point” (Filthy Habits Remix)
4. Dr. Meaker – "Fighter"
5. Pleasure – "Danger Close"
6. Wilkinson – "Overdose"
7. Mav – "Makatik"
8. Current Value – "Dissonant"
9. Bladerunner – "Red Alert"
10. Impish – "With You"
11. Scar – "When"
12. Spectrasoul – "Wedgehead"
13. Rido – "Twisted"
14. Poscheck – "Heady Heights"
15. Nookie – "Innerspace"
16. Mav – "Cruise Control"
17. Anth M – "Lounge Floor"
18. Champion & Maduk – "Love Like This"
19. Rowpieces – "Untrapped Visions"
20. Silent Witness – "Aura"
21. S.P.Y. – “Brstl Hardcore"
22. Majistrate & Sensai – "Whats Going On"
23. Chords – "High Groove"
24. Paul T – "Lightbeam"
25. Taxman – "Close Your Eyes"
26. Mindscape – "Like a Rag"
27. CLS – "In The Morning"
28. Scott Allen – "Shoreline"
29. Random Movement – "Twilight at The Height"
30. Mikal – "Say Nothing"
31. Danger, Shrust – "Nautilus"
32. Astral Valley – "Contact with Life"
33. Hidden Orchestra – "Vorka" (DC Breaks Remix)
34. The Insiders – "Wonder Why" (Break mix)
35. Amaning – "Take Me"
36. OW3S & Deco – “Step back"
37. Kid Kenobi – "Rize Up" (Greg Packer Remix)
38. Blade & Soulstructure" – "Soul 201"
39. Keeno – "Nocturne"
40. Random Movement – "Open Circuit"
41. Response – "S.O.S."
42. Cyantific – "Type A"
43. Artificial Intelligence – "Mind Control"
44. Jaydan – "No Stopping"
45. Filthy Habits – "The Unknown"
46. Supreme Being – "Ain’t no Pain"
47. Taxman – "Cool it Judy"
48. Zero Prospekt – "Jump Raider"
49. Samy Nicks – "Robo Twerk"
50. Light of Night – "Harder"
51. Glen E Ston – "On and On"
52. Blu Mar Ten – "Headturner"
53. Seibel – "Moonrise"
54. Dj Ackonda – "Alpine"
55. Soul Cube & Rowpieces – "Wake up"
56. Funkware – "Beyond the Stars"
57. Alexus – "Secret Stream"
58. Paul SG – "Deegee"
59. Simplifaction - "Deep"


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Jaymystic - Fluidity

• January 20th, 2015

This is the second of two mixes I recorded inspired by all of the great new drum & bass tunes coming out lately. In contrast to the last mix, this one is more subdued and explores the deeper tech and liquid sides of DnB.

I start off with some deep tech and work my way into a couple of really big tech tunes from SPY and BeNNs. From there I mellow it out again, spending the rest of mix going back and forth between deeper tech and jazz influenced tunes. This is great mix to enjoy on high end system. The extremes in frequency ranges and subtle emotion gives this mix a very distinct sound that think everyone will enjoy.



1. Rowpieces – "An Intense Moment"
2. Commix – "Hide & Seek"
3. Intelligent Manners – "Numb"
4. SPY & Total Science – "Cold Harsh Air"
5. Mental Chemistry – "Biscuit"
6. SPY – "Lost Orbit"
7. BeNNs – "Signal"
8. SPY – "Perth Sunset"
9. Dj Unknown – "Pictures"
10. Survival – "Ever Clear"
11. Flame – "Hesitate"
12. D Bridge – "Since We’ve Been Apart"
13. Static & Scott Allen – "Walking in Darkness"
14. Clipz – "Tsunami"
15. London Electricity – "Flesh Music"
16. Electrosoul System – "So Close"
17. Anth M – "In Your Arms"
18. Blu Mar Ten – "Overwelm" (Seba Remix)
19. Command Strange – "Soul Travel"
20. Mav – "Open Your Mind"
21. Soul Connection – "Heaven"
22. Smote – "Born To My Soul"
23. Gen - "Catcha"


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Jaymystic - Infinite Horizon

• November 29th, 2014

I feel this is one of the best mixes I have put together in my 20+ years DJing. Every single song seems like it was made to perfectly fit together with the one before and after it. The mix is a combination of tech house, deeper progressive house and techno that reminds me a lot of the old Sasha and Digweed days of the early 2000’s but with a modern twist. Right from the beginning it pulls you in and never lets you go for the full hour and 20 minutes.

I pushed up the BPMs just a little for this one (126bpm) because I felt like the music wanted to a little faster than typical 123bpms most house is being played at. I haven’t been able to stop listening to for a full week now and think that you will enjoy it just as much.

Thanks for listening!


1. Howson’s Groove - “Body & Soul”
2. Fer Ferrari - “Midnight Express”
3. Matt Lange - “Underscore”
4. King Unique - “Yohkoh” (Rodrigo Mateo Remix)
5. Toppy - “Stay Focused”
6. Rich Curtis - L”atitude Ends” (Andre Sobota Remix)
7. Sharam - “Tripi”
8. Harry Romero - “Get Deep”
9. Dinka - “Violet”
10. Dutchican Soul - “Time Won’t Wait” (Onno Ober Remix)
11. Eric Ericksson - “Yuki” (Deeper Dub)
12. David Maddocks - “Eyes”
13. Manolo - “Let the Bass”
14. Ben Coda - “Snowblaze”
15. Dark Science - “Rust”
16. Reboot - “Sampson” (Harry Romero Remix)
17. Andrea Betolini - “Luminescent” (Ben Coda Remix)
18. Harry Peat - “Afrrodiiziac” (Quavver Remix)
19. Lucky - “Tribal Fact”
20. Fur Coat - “There’s No Time”
21. Dapple Apple - Moving Scenery”
22. Matan Caspi - “Fabulous” (Relaunch Remix)
23. Ben Coda & Matan Caspi - “Absolute Zero”


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Emilia Emski - DnB Mix 2014

• October 30th, 2014

For those of you who missed our special broadcast of this mix, here is a copy to download!  A little over an hour of choice drum & bass.  Emilia has previously been a featured guest on Housewreckaz Radio (May 2013 + April 2014) and was a chat room favorite.  

More details on Emilia can be found below...

The Hush Crew


DJ Emilia Emski (Emilia Estera Bielawska)

I have lived in Britain since 2006, currently in Los Angeles to try to promote my Dj-ing. I love genres like: funky/tribal/tech HOUSE, Old-school Hip-Hop, Break-Beat, 90's dance, also soul/jazz/classical in spare time. I'm an aspiring producer. In my mixes I always try to include a "groove" element - regardless of the genre played - something that will make the listeners simply lose themselves in music! Current Dn'B is my first Dn'B mix ever. Includes both uplifting and a bit "heavier" elements in its 2nd part, none the less I tried to make everything flow seamlessly. Hope you enjoy it guys! If so, feel free to contact me via given links. Don't forget to tell your friends!

Peace, Love, Respect.
E.E. x



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Jaymystic - Full Contact Audio

• October 15th, 2014

It’s been awhile since I have made a drum & bass mix, but all of the new stuff coming out over summer inspired me to record a couple of new ones.  This is the first of two mixes which navigates several sub-genres of DnB. 

This mix starts off with some funky tunes featuring the infamous EZ Rollers and Greenfly.  The high energy funk gives way to some jump up and much darker sounds for the peak portion of journey.  I bring the energy down a bit and end with several liquid and techy tunes.  This is a really fun mix with a little of bit something everyone. 

Hope you all enjoy it!


1. Atlantic Connection – "Grapevines"
2. The Knox – "It’s OK"
3. EZ Rollers – "Pages"
4. DJ Markey & SPY – "Tapestry"
5. Greenfly – "Soul Vision"
6. Greenfly – "Shinning Light"
7. Intelligent Manners – "Midnight Runaway"
8. Dr. Meaker – "Fighter"
9. Andy C – "Workout"
10. David Boomah – "Forward Ever" (Unreal Remix)
11. Bladerunner – "Cringe"
12. Bare & Dieselboy – "Beyond Thunderdome"
13. Zodiac – "Combat”
14. Killa Hurt – "One Finger Technique"
15. Filthy Habits – "Times Up"
16. Need For Mirrors – "Lofar"
17. Filthy Habits – "Like Minded"
18. Rawtee – "Inmate"
19. Callide – "Drop Bombs"
20. Smooth – "Drone"
21. Foreign Concept – "When Y ou’re Alone"
22. Flame & Kest – "Rainville"
23. Electrosoul System – "So Close"
24. Dave Owen – "August Moon"
25. Payback – "Winter’s Chill"
26. SpectraSoul – "Away With Me"
27. Madmen & Poets – "Scandinavian Sunday"
28. ????? – "Know The Future"


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Juicy Dubble - Live DNB Mix 2014

• September 4th, 2014


A couple of Saturdays's ago, well more like a month and a half ago...we did an impromptu radio show.  We warmed up with some house and then played mostly drum & bass for the afternoon.  This is recording of the dnb part.  It's a little under 2 hours of both new & older tracks.  Enjoy!

Juicy Dubble
(Scotty James + jlife)


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Jaymystic - Peace, Love & Happiness

• August 17th, 2014

I have been in a really great place in my life lately and wanted to make a mix reflecting on all of the good fortune that has come my way. As the name suggests this is soulful house journey full of peace, love, happiness and gratitude. I included a lot of vocals in this one because, for me, nothing quite gets a across a particular message like a really great vocal.

Hope you all enjoy this one and can feel all of the positivity that I intended to bring forth.

Peace-Love-Happiness.jpgJaymystic - "Peace, Love & Happiness"

1. Wayne Cooper – "The Piano Song" (Teddy Douglas Rmx)
2. D-Reflection – "Happiness is Taking Over" (Haldo Rmx)
3. Peter James Kahn – "Shine" (Richard Earnshaw Rmx)
4. Clan Greco – 'Rotation' (Eric Kupper Rmx)
5. KneeDeep – "All About Love" (Lovebirds suite)
6. Sean McCabe – "Something" About You
7. Right to Life – "Love Blind"
8. Miguel Migs – "Rock With You" (Tribute bootleg)
9. KlevaKeys – "Journey to the Sun" (Deep mix)
10. Eric Kupper – "Miss You" (Eric Kupper’s “Director’s Cut” Rmx)
11. Richard Earnshaw – "Won’t Let go" (Classic Vocal mix)
12. Dino Lenny – "I’m Coming Home" (Sander Klienenberg Rmx)
13. Krankbrother – "Big Mo"
14. Murat Kilic – "Safety Ghetto"
15. Mistura – "Smile" (Joey Negro Rmx)
16. Kimara Lovelace – "How Much I Love You" (Reelsoul Rmx)
17. Blaze – "How Deep is Your Love" (Danny Krivit long Edit)
18. Zo!, Erro – "We Are On The Move" (Joey Negro Revival Mix)
19. Holly Johnson – "Follow Your Heart" (Director’s Cut Signature Mix)
20. Benedetto & Farina – "I’m So Greaful" (Greg Gauthier Dance Culture Mix)
21. Dj Man-X & Vick Lavender – "Happy Endings" (Reelsoul Vocal Rmx)
22. B-Note – "Too Doo" (Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix)
23. Chez Damier – "Close" (Translated by JT)
24. Reel People – "Butterflies" (The Layabouts Vocal mix)
25. Losh – "Nothing Can Come Between Us" (Grant Nelson Classic Club mix)
26. Heather Johnson – "Under My Skin" (Dj Spen’s Afterbirth mix)


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Travis Talley - ‘Merica

• August 6th, 2014

On July 4th, 2014 it was time to show some patriotism and record a proper tech house mix.  I tried to make it as American as possible.  A couple of the track titles aren't in English, and there are actually only two American producers represented (thanks Jesse Rose and Sepehr),  but I think this mix can still be considered American.  It embodies diversity and won't hesitate to lay the smack down when you least expect it.  What's more American than that?

This is mainly a mix of low-end groove-heavy house music.  The tracks range from funky tech driven basslines to deep, rhythmic vocals and instrumentals.  There are a variety of styles represented but overall I wanted to make the progressions upbeat and compelling… something to make you gyrate compulsively without regard to your immediate surroundings.  Put this mix on while cranking up the barbecue, opening a cold one, playing some horseshoes and lighting a few things on fire.

Made in America!
Travis Talley

Travis Talley - 'Merica

1. Booka Shade - "Love Inc" (Butch Remix)
2. Monkey Safari - "Roule"
3. Ania Iwinska - "Outlaw"
4. Oliver $, Jess Rose - "When We Heard Solid Groove"
5. Gear Brylls - "Kokaletto"
6. Oliver Schleenvoigt - "UIUIUI"
7. Martin Ikin - "Rhythm"
8. DJ T, Sergej Gorn - "Got An Attitude"
9. Tuccillo - "City Lights"
10. Elektrochemie - "No. 19"
11. Darlyn Vlys, German Brigante - "Tips & Tricks"
12. Chris Carrier - "Cabaret Des Belles Lettres"
13. Chad Tyson - "Don't Give A Damn!"
14. Sepehr - "Amino's Groove"
15. Dimitri Monev - "Dusting for Prints" (Usual Things Around Monday Morning Remix)"
16. Mihalis Safras - "Stranger" (Wehbba Remix)


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jlife - Bora Bora mix

• August 5th, 2014

My doc said... "Vacations are more valuable then the money you spend on them. The memories you acquire on these adventures will be stored in your mainframe, and when you're really frustrated or mad or annoyed you can use these images in your mind to comfort yourself in the future. You can't get those memories without actually doing them."

This being my first official vacation,I felt compelled to leave there with something tangible. So…this is the mix I made when I was at a very comfortable place, in the world and my mind...Vacation...justified! LOL!

jlife-bora-cover-12.jpgjlife - “Bora Bora mix”

1. Fred V & Grafix - “Forest Fires” feat. Etherwood
2. Loadstar - “Need You” (Frankee Remix)
3. Homeward Bound - “Actraiser”
4. Seba - “Cold Spring” feat. Robert Manos
5. Command Strange - “Could Be Mine”
6. Stunna - “Come Along”
7. Silence Groove - “Playing With Fire”
8. Silence Groove - “Dissonance (Troubles)”
9. Blade - “You Belong In My Arms”
10. Dave Shichman & Dave Owen - “Tight Polite” (Pennygiles Remix)
11. Redeyes & Lenzman - “Thieves In The Night” (Technimatic Remix)
12. Total Science & S.P.Y - “Try Out” feat. Marky
13. Phat Playaz - “Pillow Talk”
14. Physical Illusion - “Moods”
15. LSB - “Leave”
16. Mr. Joseph - “Forgotten Emotions”
17. Deeper Connection - “Artforms”
18. ??? - “If You Don't Believe”
19. Paul SG - “Soulrider”
20. Intersoul - “Deep Down”


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Scotty James - Live @ Slinky 15

• August 5th, 2014

For those of you who missed my house set at Slinky 15 this year, here's a copy to enjoy. I'm extremely grateful that I was invited back again to play this year. If you're not familiar with Slinky, it's a yearly summer campout event in northern California put on by our friends at Jam On It Productions. It’s an absolute blast every year and I highly recommend checking it out!

To check out other live mixes from this year's DJ line-up and more, click here.

Scotty James


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