jlife - “New Year 2013 Mix”

Why is it that one day you wake up and the need for change is overwhelming? Something inside us screaming,.."you need to reinvent yourself" kinda like the new "Jan Brady".

Well my alter DJ ego, McGillicutty is the result of this need for change as well as an acceptance of my age. Getting older was never anything I was afraid of because as a kid, I was hell bent on never making it past 40. But when the unthinkable actually happened and I did, I was both nervous and excited. Nervous because I hadn't planned for anything this far out and excited because (for some strange reason) I wanted to stay with you all here in this world.

McGillicutty is the old man in me screaming to come out. I've successfully kept him locked away, but let's face it…there is an old man or woman inside of all of us that's screaming to get out of us all. The trick is to not run or hide, but rather confront it and say "I refuse you, prepare for battle", which really means...I realize your there, but you're not going to be the dominant force in my life.

I refuse to be the crotchety old fuck that hates the things I used to love only because it's "the past". Like that makes it instantly useless or irrelevant? Bullshit!  My past is what made me the person I am now, which is someone I finally (after all these years) love.

A new year, a new mix, a new me. Enjoy!



jlife - "New Year Mix 2013"

1. SpectraSoul - "The Curb"
2. Eveson & Jo-S - "Time Flows By"
3. Planas, Ed Thomas - "Breathtaking" - (dBridge's Soul Steppers)
4. Eveson - "Land Of Milk & Honey"
5. Komatic & Technicolour - "Dickerson's Rocket"
6. Utah Jazz & Alex Reece - "Everything Is Everything"
7. Hybrid Minds - "Lost"
8. Total Science - "Melody Snow"
9. Bcee - "Captured in Time"
10. Calyx, TeeBee - "Elevate This Sound"
11. Lenzman, Jehst, Drs, Riya - "Holding On"
12. jlife - "Babies Away"
13. Justin Martin - "Ghettos & Gardens" (Bachelors of Science D&B Remix)
14. Rudimental & John Newman - "Feel the Love" (Fred V & Grafix Remix)


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