jlife - “Headspace”

I was called away for work to Austin, Texas for over six weeks. Coincidentally, Austin City Limits was happening while I’m here. There were some decent bands that I like, but a lot of unknowns that didn’t appeal to me (think angry screaming people with acoustic guitars). I really wasn’t that excited about it. Then one Saturday night, after grabbing sushi with some friends, I trekked up three flights of stair to this little rooftop bar called Lania (no cover charge). It was mellow, and slowly the crowd started to thicken. I met some cool folks, and the music started to get good. Really good! I looked up to see who was responsible for the great jams, and to my surprise, it’s the Inland Knights! Two of my favorite all-time DJ/Composers! I thought, “Holy shit! In Austin? What are they doing here?” Up until this point I haven’t heard any decent house or electronic music. They were amazing and that night they spoke to me. It was exactly what I needed after being disappointed with ACL. The entire crowd seemed to be on the same level, with the same appreciation of great music. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that vibe in a club. It was about the music and the love of it; not about who was dressed the best or had the most expensive accessories. This night reminded me that I’m not alone in my very pure, and very real love that I have for this genre of music. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon this little club, and to have shared this experience with great people. That night is my inspiration for this mix. Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to hear some really smooth, really deep, really funky, and really fucked up house music. This is for my people: the ones who fall in love one track at a time. Enjoy!



jlife - "Headspace"

1. Palmskin Productions - "Feel The Fader"
2. Franc Spangler - "Forever And A Dub"
3. Slok - "The Fat Pasta Groove"
4. Sergio Fernandez & D Low - "Tentaciones" (Nacho Marco Remix)
5. Marcus Laurentiv & Andrea Bigi - "Downtown Stories" (Marcelo Tag Remix)
6. Lovebirds - "The Rat" (Kreon Remix)
7. Norman Creed - "Deep Breath"
8. Phonique - Perfect Stranger (Phonogenic & Sasse Remix)
9. Martin Dawson - "Sunday Smoking"
10. Justin Martin & Ardalan - "Mr. Spock"
11. Drew Tempest - "Un Use Mr. E"
12. Oliver Koltetzki & Fran - "Arrow And Bow" (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
13. Thyladomid - "The Voice"
14. Audio Soul project - "Z track 05" (Audio Soul Project Remix)


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