Jaymystic - “The Jazz Renegade”

I've always loved jazz. As I grow older, I seem to gravitate it more and with the infusion of jazz in electronic music, it was only a matter of time before I decided to make a jazz mix. Due to the lack in quantity of these styles of music, it's taken me a few years to collect enough tunes to put together what I felt was a quality mix.

I'm happy to announce that I have finally completed this labor of love and all you jazz enthusiasts are going to be very happy indeed. This journey runs the gambit of my electronic jazz music collection and starts off with some electro jazz and afro funk tunes. From there I play some straight jazz breaks, Latin jazz, bossa nova and samba with some jazz funk breaks thrown in to break up the rhythms. I finish off with some old school jazz breaks, b-boy breaks and some broken beat.

If you like more organic sounds within the funk, jazz, or breaks genres, then I think you will find this mix is going to be one of your favorites for a while. Hope you all enjoy it!



Jaymystic - "The Jazz Renegade"

1. Nicola Conte - "Trading Eights"
2. Metropolitan Jazz Affair - "Single"
3. The Souljazz Orchestra - "Freedom No Go Die"
4. The Dining Rooms - "No Problems"
5. The Maxwell Implosion - "I'homme en Peluche"
6. N.O.H.A. - "Big Sweet"
7. Dj CSP - "Murda Pillz"
8. ED Royal & Enne - "Jazzy Jester"
9. Glam Sam & His Combo - "Intermezzo"
10. Soul Bossa Trio - "Secret Code"
11. Big Bang - "Yo Yo Jazz"
12. Hydrophonic Sound System - "Blue Notes 4 the Puma Set"
13. Quasamodo - "Lets Funk"
14. Metropolitan Jazz Affair - "The Lost Syndicate"
15. Pacific Memories - "Fernomenon"
16. De Phazz - "Pressurized"
17. Sugarloaf Gangsters - "Sayn it Doin' it"
18. Kwanzaa Posse - "Wicked Funk"
19. Mondo Grosso - "Souffles H"
20. Sleepwalker - "Brotherhood" (Marc Dirty Jazz Rmx)
21. Nightrains - "Streetchase"
22. Bugge Wesseltoft - "Sharing"
23. Zero DB - "A Pomba Girou" (Moonstarr Rmx)
24. Black Machine - "Lets Go"
25. Blue Chip - "Flex the Posse"
26. Roxy Breaks - "Apache Rock"
27. Quantic - "Life in the Rain"
28. Exodus Quartet - "Trance Jazz"
29. Kyoto Jazz Massive - "Eclipse"


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