Travis Talley - ‘Merica

On July 4th, 2014 it was time to show some patriotism and record a proper tech house mix.  I tried to make it as American as possible.  A couple of the track titles aren't in English, and there are actually only two American producers represented (thanks Jesse Rose and Sepehr),  but I think this mix can still be considered American.  It embodies diversity and won't hesitate to lay the smack down when you least expect it.  What's more American than that?

This is mainly a mix of low-end groove-heavy house music.  The tracks range from funky tech driven basslines to deep, rhythmic vocals and instrumentals.  There are a variety of styles represented but overall I wanted to make the progressions upbeat and compelling… something to make you gyrate compulsively without regard to your immediate surroundings.  Put this mix on while cranking up the barbecue, opening a cold one, playing some horseshoes and lighting a few things on fire.

Made in America!
Travis Talley

Travis Talley - 'Merica

1. Booka Shade - "Love Inc" (Butch Remix)
2. Monkey Safari - "Roule"
3. Ania Iwinska - "Outlaw"
4. Oliver $, Jess Rose - "When We Heard Solid Groove"
5. Gear Brylls - "Kokaletto"
6. Oliver Schleenvoigt - "UIUIUI"
7. Martin Ikin - "Rhythm"
8. DJ T, Sergej Gorn - "Got An Attitude"
9. Tuccillo - "City Lights"
10. Elektrochemie - "No. 19"
11. Darlyn Vlys, German Brigante - "Tips & Tricks"
12. Chris Carrier - "Cabaret Des Belles Lettres"
13. Chad Tyson - "Don't Give A Damn!"
14. Sepehr - "Amino's Groove"
15. Dimitri Monev - "Dusting for Prints" (Usual Things Around Monday Morning Remix)"
16. Mihalis Safras - "Stranger" (Wehbba Remix)


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