The 13th Hour with Scotty James - “LPs For Lovers” edition

Being that my show fell on Valentine's Day this year, I felt it was a good excuse to dig deep and break out my sexy time tracks. The stuff that I love to hear, but always don't get a chance to play out live.

A couple of my friends loved the show and encouraged me to post it for download, so here it is! It's a 2 hour mix of love infused downtempo, acid jazz, trip hop & more. For more info on my show or to listen/download archives, please visit my show page.

Scotty James


The 13th Hour with Scotty James - 2/14/12 "LPs For Lovers" edition

1. Nigel Hayes- "Lisa'a Flat"
2. Martinez - "Lavender Mist" (Luna City Express Downbeat Remix)
3. BK Duke & Yves Murasca - "Did You Know" (Las Salinas Sunset Mix)
4. Commix - "Japanese Electronics" (Instra:Mental Moog Remix)
5. Space Dimension Controller - "Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy"
6. Techno Squirrels - "Love Comes First"
7. Blu Mar Ten - "Nobody Here" (Kastle Remix)
8. Everything But The Girl - "Single" (Photek Remix)
9. Blu Mar Ten - "Believe Me" (5Foot Nothing & Anarchy Rise Remix)
10. The Weekend - "High For This"
11. Mr. Little Jeans - "The Suburbs" (Arcade Fire Cover)
12. Just Jack - "Heartburn"
13. Soulstice - "The Reason"
14. TBD - "Want Your Love"
15. Extended Spirit - "Solid Water" (Rainer Truby Trio Remix)
16. Commix feat. Steve Spacek "How You Gonna Feel" (Pedestrian Remix)
17. TBD - "Archangel"
18. Agoria feat. Kid A - "Kiss My Soul"
19. Bonobo - "Kiara"
20. Micatone - "A Part Of Me"
21. Tracey Thorn - "Easy"
22. Bonobo - "Eyesdown" feat. Andreya Triana
23. Bonobo - "1009"
24. Bonobo - "All In Forms"
25. John Beltran - "Nephila's Oneiric" (Sven's Glorify Tribute Mix To John Beltran)


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