Scotty James - “Souls Below”

Death is never an easy experience to deal with. In an ideal world, our loved ones would live forever and life would continue on uninterrupted. Unfortunately reality is cruel and that isn't the case. We have a limited amount of time on this earth, so live every day as it's your last.

This year I had a few close friends lose loved ones and it saddens me to see what they went through. I felt helpless by their side and unsure on how to comfort them. Perhaps because I've learned to stuff my emotions over the years to avoid pain.

I tend to express my emotions through my mixes, therefore I created a mix dedicated to those who passed away this year and the loved ones they left behind. May their souls rest in peace and may your hearts be healed by their eternal memory.

So without further ado, this one goes out to the souls below…

Scotty James


Scotty James - "Souls Below"

1. Selective Soul - "Deeply In My Soul" (Zyon Base Remix)
2. B-Cloud - "Deeper" (Enei Remix)
3. Flame - "The Game"
4. Hybris - "Please Exist"
5. Quadrant - "Dermapohoria"
6. Mage - "Summer Love"
7. Morebeat - "Goodnight" featuring Gabana
8. Icicle - "Still U"
9. Zyon Base - "City Of The Red Night"
10. Icicle - "Can't Be"
11. Wreckage Machinery - "White Eyes"
12. SpectraSoul - "Shades Of Blue"
13. Mattix & Futile feat. Katies Ambition - "Was There Ever"
14. Logistics - "Winter Blues"
15. LSB - "Subdued"


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