Scotty James - “Relapse”

February is upon us and the stench of Valentine's Day is in the air, which means it's time for me to share another heartfelt mix of mine. This is the third installment in a series of romantically charged Drum & Bass mixes. Caught Up was the first, Love Hz was the follow up and now I present to you, Relapse.

Each of these mixes hold a special place in my heart, much like my muse. Sit back, enjoy and remember that regardless of whether you love or lorn this Valentine's Day, the important part is the experience itself.

Scotty James


Scotty James - "Relapse"

1. Adele - "Hometown Glory" (High Contrast Remix)
2. Technicolour & Komatic - "Skyline Boulevard"
3. Technicolour & Komatic - "Daydreamer"
4. Bcee & S.P.Y. - "Is Anybody Out There"
5. Paul SG - "Cassanova"
6. ATP & Dave Owen - "Way Back When"
7. Commix - "I Have You"
8. Calibre - "Even If"
9. Cybass & Calculon - "Relapse"
10. Lenzman - "Open Page"
11. Mutt - "When I feat. Stephane Vera"
12. Paul SG - "Grey Skin"
13. Big Bud & Soul Connection - "Dream Love"
14. Zyon Base - "Nightingale"
15. Blu Mar Ten - "Overwhelm"


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