Mikey Velazquez & Eddie B. - “Live @ We ♥ LA - 11/27/10″

Mikey Velazquez & Eddie B. of HAWT Music set the dance floor a blaze at the "We ♥ LA" party! Boy are we glad to have a copy of this one for the podcast! For those of you who are unfamiliar, HAWT Music originally started off as an independent house music record label based out of Los Angeles, CA. The team's passion for music brought them together and wasn't just limited to producing & DJ'ing. They wanted to create their own party vibe and it wasn't long before they got into hosting events.

In May of 2006, HAWT Afterhours was born and has quickly become one of the most popular underground house parties in LA to date. On the 1st Friday of every month, HAWT's underground parties have showcased DJ's from all over the world such as Inland Knights, Derrick Carter, Justin Long, Johnny Fiasco, DJ Mes & more. In addition to bringing in great talent, they remained loyal to their city by supporting the thriving Los Angeles DJ scene. Their main focus has always been on recreating that old school house vibe at parties, bringing friends together through music, dancing, breaking boundaries, giving back to the community and HAVING FUN. After all, HAWT is an acronym for "Having A Wonderful Time".

For more information on HAWT Music, please visit http://hawtmusic.com/.

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