Matty Scoll - “Summer 2010 Mix”

DJ/Producer Matty Scoll is no stranger to the decks. He got his start in 1996 and by the age of 19, Matty had joined with Tribe LTD records, a label founded by DJ Who?. Making his way through a small circuit of Baltimore nightclubs, Matty shared the decks with likes of Mistress Barbara, Hipp-E & Halo, Q&K Session, Tony Knox, Jason Patrick, and Donny Burlin.

Eventually Matty decided to move out to Los Angeles to pursue his love of music. Enrolling and graduating from the Musicians Institute, this Baltimore native quickly found himself a home in the Los Angeles dance scene. Matty is currently the owner of Shush Music, featuring artists such as Jon Pegnato, Jeff T, Mike Balance, Mihai Stroe & more. In addition to running the label, Matty is an up & coming producer/remixer himself. His latest release entitled "Isn't this Techno" w Jon Pegnato was recently featured on Simply Jeff's "Moist Music" mix CD.

We booked Matty to play a Hush party back in 'O7 and unfortunately it was busted before he got a chance to play. Don't worry though, we plan on having him back real soon. In the meantime, Matty has so graciously recorded this exclusive set for It's a indie-disco infused house mix with an 80's throwback sound to it. Pop this mix in, dust off those slouch boots and hit the dance floor!

To listen and/or purchase any of Matty Scoll's music, visit Beatport and to learn more about him, please visit his Facebook page.

The Hush Crew


Matty Scoll - "Summer 2010 Mix"

1. Dynas - "Intro"
2. Mario Basanov - "Caribean Girl" (Ichisan Mix)
3. Strip Steve - "Breakin'" (Lorenz Rhode Mix)
4. Breakbot - "Penelope Pitstop"
5. Tensnake - "Get It Right"
6. Cassian - "Final Round"
7. Harris Robotis - "Up All Night" (Knightlife Mix)
8. Soulwax - "ETalking"
9. Vitalic - "Poison Lips"
10. Strip Steve - "Children"
11. Overthrill - "Disco 72"
12. Surkin - "Fan Out"
13. Silicone Soul - "Fearmakers" (DJ Tool)
14. Justice - "Phantom Part II" - (Soulwax Mix/Matty Scoll Re-Edit)
15. Midnight Juggernauts - "Road to Recovery"
16. Kavinsky - "Pacific Coast Highway"
17. Danke Disorder - "Zusammen"
18. Dance Disorder - "Zusammen" (Dudcapella)


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