Jordan Spigner - “Eclectica”

Inspiration comes in many forms. For some it is found in nature while others it is found in literature and song. Concerning my most recent mix, my inspiration stemmed from a lack of creativity. I recently attended a music festival that doesn't need to be mentioned. This music festival showed me how un-inspired electronic music has become. Dj's don't Dj and artists don't perform. I am not claiming to be either of those things. I am humbly claiming to be inspired. This mix is a small sample of that inspiration.

I hope you all enjoy!



Jordan Spigner - "Eclectica"

1. Jokers Of The Scene - "Organized Zounds" (Cosmic Kids Remix)
2. Nacho Lovers - "Deeper"
3. DJ Chus - "One Night In Havana"
4. Soulwax - "Another Excuse" (DFA Remix)
5. Tapesh - "Movin'" (Chris James Refix)
6. Eli Escobar - "Good Time" (Original Mix)
7. Butch - "Aerobic" (Anton Pieete Remix)
8. Nacho Lovers - "Acidlife" (Eli Escobar Remix)
9. Lee Foss - "Griding"
10. Dance With White Girls - "It's About The House"
11. Roul and Doors - "Cameroon"
12. Martin Brodin & Dum Dab - "Gamma Ray" (Rodion Remix)


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