jlife - “Space Cafe”

Get ready for some smooth, silky space magic for your brain. Go ahead, you deserve to take a vacation from the world and visit a place deep inside your mind where love and relaxation is the only way.

This mix is intended to guide you to a different place in a far off universe. Imagine a place where everyone understands your language, eager to hear your tales, and full of happiness. This is meant to inspire and take you out of the craziness of daily life and transport you to a euphoric world. Take a journey to Space Cafe and get yourself a large mind smoothie.



jlife - "Space Cafe"

1. DJ Yellow - "Sweet Like Sugar"
2. Phonogenic - "Heat The Feet"
3. Nils Nuernberg & Florian Kruse - "The Brush" (Tom Middleton Remix)
4. Stel Wiretapper - "Too Much Space"
5. Palmskin Productions - "Head On A Stick"
6. Wiretapper - "My Real Name Is"
7. Andre Loemann - "The Light"
8. Kevin Yost & Peter Funk - "It Means"
9. Luna City Express - "Mr. Jack" (Justin Martin Remix)
10. ??? - "Magic"
11. ???
12. Demarkus Lewis - "We Don't Need"
13. King Kooba - "Live And Let Live"
14. The Trackheadz - "Our Message"


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