jlife - “Sick Day”

About two years ago I woke up with the worst headache of my life! I was pretty nervous so I eventually went to the E.R at 3 am.   A whole bunch of tests were run, one of which required a spinal tap, so I said "I don't know what this is, so let's find out." Well, it turns the source of the original headache is still a mystery however, when you take too much fluid out of your spine it creates a terrible even worse headache then the original that brought me there in the first place. That caused me to be bedridden for a entire week.

It was a strange kind of headache that hit the back of my head and it only stopped hurting when I didn't move at all . When I kept my head on the pillow of my bed and stayed horizontal the pain was pretty mellow but the second I got up to walk somewhere, it was debilitating. It was so painful that it made nauseous, so I never left my bed until a week later when another doctor could fix my spinal fluid situation.

Long story short "too late" I went in with a headache I came out with an even worse headache in a totally different spot.  Within that week it was torture to try to figure out how not to move, but still be in a regular headspace. It's one thing when you're in pain and stuck in bed, but when you are an a state of limbo and feel okay, it can drive you mad!   One of my favorite things in the world is to make mixes. I have a lot of jams that are more in the chill, alternative, indie range and kind of un-mixable and not really a electronic dance format. I really do love and appreciate all forms of music except country but even now and then there is a song that yanks at my heartstrings.

So I had a lot of time to listen to music when I was bedridden and couldn't move my head without pounding, I decided to make a mix. It was a mellow mix and I called it Sick mainly because I was sick when I made it and these tracks are pretty damn sick. These are the tracks I wanted to give to my boy Scotty James due to boredom. I kind of got creative with the way they were presented as opposed to trying to do a really fancy beat mix. It's more of a KCRW "Morning Becomes Eclectic" type of vibe. I really enjoyed making it I absolutely love the tracks that are on it.  Scotty said he's been revisiting the mix and he told me recently that he thinks it's one of his favorite mixes of mine if not the favorite.  

I've been meaning to make a sequel.   I recently had a very minor surgery that kept me in bed for a week so, therefore part two emerged. A  little less intense, a little wider in content, but hopefully recapturing the same essence of the first one. This one's similar in concept but instead of it being kind of a sad story, I wanted this one to be more of a kind of inspiration to take a "sick day".

Get away from work, find some greenery, take some greenery with you and head out on the open road for an impromptu adventure.  Let's face it, we're all going to be dead a lot longer than we are going to be alive on this planet, so we better take every moment we can to enjoy it. Everyone needs to take one every once in a while just to keep our heads from exploding. Hopefully this mix will help you enjoy your upcoming sick day. 



jlife - "Sick Day"

1. Bill Conti - "Decision"
2. Prosessory - "Young Italians"
3. Unknown - "Paul's Jam"
4. jlife - "My Beautiful"
5. Le Vinyl - "Material Love"
6. Soul Clap - "Between The Edit"
7. Unknown - "Browns"
8. This Mortal Coil - "Thais 2"
9. DyE - "Fantasy" (CFCF Remix)
10. Peter Bjorn - "Ancient Curse"
11. Lusine - "Baffle"
12. This Mortal Coil - "Waves Become Wings"
13. Vector Lovers - "Far Side of the Tracks"
14. Caitlin Shermen - "Gravity"
15. Charles Webster - "The End of War"
16. Bonobo - "The Keeper" feat. Andreya Triana (Banks Remix)
17. Sanderson - Beautiful Click (B Cloud remix)
18. Tennis Hero - "Alone"
19. Caribou - "Odessa"
20. Les Loups - "The Break Up"
21. Unknown - "Daily Routine"
22. Young Galaxy - "Snake Charmer"
23. Bear In Heaven - "Sinful Nature"
24. Vector Lovers - "Memories and Melodies"
25. Dapayk Padberg - "Backyard"
26. Homeboy Anshie - "Halfway" feat. Anshie (Youandewen version)
27. Brian Eno - "Deep Blue Day"
28. Kuhryu-oo - "For the Frame"
29. This Mortal Coil - "Thais 1"
30. CFCF - "Looking So"


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