jlife - Bora Bora mix

My doc said... "Vacations are more valuable then the money you spend on them. The memories you acquire on these adventures will be stored in your mainframe, and when you're really frustrated or mad or annoyed you can use these images in your mind to comfort yourself in the future. You can't get those memories without actually doing them."

This being my first official vacation,I felt compelled to leave there with something tangible. So…this is the mix I made when I was at a very comfortable place, in the world and my mind...Vacation...justified! LOL!

jlife-bora-cover-12.jpgjlife - “Bora Bora mix”

1. Fred V & Grafix - “Forest Fires” feat. Etherwood
2. Loadstar - “Need You” (Frankee Remix)
3. Homeward Bound - “Actraiser”
4. Seba - “Cold Spring” feat. Robert Manos
5. Command Strange - “Could Be Mine”
6. Stunna - “Come Along”
7. Silence Groove - “Playing With Fire”
8. Silence Groove - “Dissonance (Troubles)”
9. Blade - “You Belong In My Arms”
10. Dave Shichman & Dave Owen - “Tight Polite” (Pennygiles Remix)
11. Redeyes & Lenzman - “Thieves In The Night” (Technimatic Remix)
12. Total Science & S.P.Y - “Try Out” feat. Marky
13. Phat Playaz - “Pillow Talk”
14. Physical Illusion - “Moods”
15. LSB - “Leave”
16. Mr. Joseph - “Forgotten Emotions”
17. Deeper Connection - “Artforms”
18. ??? - “If You Don't Believe”
19. Paul SG - “Soulrider”
20. Intersoul - “Deep Down”


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