jlife - “All Forms Beautiful”

Happiness all comes down to perspective. At some point in life you are pushed towards one direction of the spectrum or another. Good/bad, happy or sad. After many years of avoidance, procrastination and fear I've made a choice. The glass IS half full! :)

Think about it this way for a sec. Perhaps the world live in is heaven and we've got it all wrong? If it isn't, why not pretend until we are forced to deal with not so heavenly things. The bullshit. Once that's dealt with, it's right back to heaven. It's worth a try, right?

With this newfound perspective, I put this new uplifting drum & bass mix together. Push play, sit back and enjoy the journey that is, "All Forms Beautiful".

Much love and respect!



jlife - "All Forms Beautiful"

1. Rockwell - "The Rain"
2. jlife - "Gleem"
3. Dynamic & Intelligent matters - "She's Got The Groove"
4. Dramtic & dbaudio - "The Pretender"
5. Critycal Dub & DJ Chap - "Sunshine"
6. Well Being - "Storms By Streetlight"
7. Unknown - "Change Everything"
8. Caine & Paul SG - "Electrosoul"
9. Brother - "Dig Deep"
10. Electrosound System - "On The Run"
11. Command Strange - "Made You"
12. Subway Funk - "Love Changes"
13. Novell - "Emotional"
14. Subway Funk - "Information Highway"
15. Bud Bud - "Want You So Bad"
16. Majestics - "Another Time"
17. Calibre - "Ringtone"
18. Calibre - "Free"
19. Intelligent Matters - "All By Myself"
20. Blu Mar Ten - "Sweet Little Supernova"
21. Phat Playaz - "Name and Numbers"
22. Tokyo Prose - "Raised By Wolves"


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