Jaymystic - “Perpetual Motion”

Hello Hush Crew fans! Here is my latest mix featuring the newest tech house, techno and deep house music available as of 2/2/11. This excursion starts off with some melodic tech house that perfectly sets the stage for about a half hour of solid pumping techno. I then mellow out the rest of the mix with some of the deepest house I could find. There are even a couple of vocals thrown in for you house music purists, and the old schoolers will appreciate the Frankie Knuckles classic, "The Whistle Song" around the 60 min mark.

What makes this mix stand apart from the projects I have been doing for Hush Radio is my further understanding of some new equipment (Traktor Pro and the new S4 controller) which has allowed me to keep 2 - 3 tracking pumping all the time. If you really pay attention, you'll notice it breaks down only 2 or 3 times during the whole 85 minute mix, with the first one not occurring until about an hour into it. The result is a non-stop, hand pumping, energy laden roller coaster of banging beats and trippy goodness with a whole lota swing to keep your collective butts moving! Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did making it.



Jaymystic- "Perpetual Motion"

1. Edmund - "The Fantasy"
2. Vincenzo - "The Clearing"
3. Jaytech - "Moth"
4. Da Funk - "Wacky"
5. Johnny Young - "Non Violence" (K-Bana)
6. Spiritchaser - "Blue Skies"
7. Alex Kenji - "Gimme Five" (Mix 1)
8. Egbert - "Open"
9. Christian Smith - "Flyertalk"
10. Allen Spion - "Sundown in Peroj"
11. Deep Shizzol - "The Cant Stop"
12. Domscott - "The Swing"
13. Fred Everything - "Tonight"
14. ?- "Love Potion"
15. Spiritchaser - "Coast"
16. Roddy Reynaert - "Fremou" 17. Cooccer - "Sunshine" (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Mix)
18. Fred Everything - "Feel"
19. Aleksey Beloozer - "Night Smell You"
20. Frankie Knuckles - "The Whistle Song"
21. Caspi - "Simply Beautiful"
22. Onus Ozman - Milano Insane"
23. Dave Horne - Mellow Summer"
24. Roberto Rodriguez - "I Know You're Mine
25. Ross Couch - "Path To Shaolin"
26. Mocha - "Inca"
27. Solarity - "Start"
28. Imaani Brown - "Dis Poem"


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