Jaymystic - “Original House Gangsta”

Hi folks, here is my new studio mix! Hope you all really enjoy the ride and what a roller coaster it is! The vibe of the whole mix is a collage of everything I remember about the LA house since over the years. It has little bit of everything for house heads, tribal, deep, vocals, jackin', funky, jazzy, bluesy and some weird shit talkin' tracks too....pretty much the best of house has to offer right now, IMHO. Even if you aren't into house, I really believe you can get into this one.

I sincerely hope you have fun with it. Please leave comments here, on Facebook or on my site: http://jaymystic.com.


PS: This one goes out to all LA OG house community and specifically Rockie "Diva" Raccoon and THE House of Fierce Ruling divas who are a huge reason we in LA even have a legit house scene. Thanks for all the great times!


Jaymystic - "Original House Gangsta"

1. Frank Adam - "Mombassa Blues"
2. Michael Olatunji - "Jingo"
3. Kevin Yost - "Return To The Deep"
4. Deep Sensation - "Cant Give U Up"
5. Oriental Funk Stew - "Sky High"
6. Ayce DJ - "Havana"
7. Bassfort - "Last Night"
8. Deep City Soul - "Groove School"
9. Miguel Migs - "Let Me Be"
10. Miguel Migs - "Burnin' Up"
11. Those Usual Suspects - "In This Life"
12. Husky - "Ezekiel 25:17"
13. H20 - "Living For The Future"
14. Justin Drake - "The Devils Eyes"
15. Joshua Heath - "Monday Blues"
16. Blacazar - "Stealing Beauty"
17. On Point - "Nocturnification"
18. Lucas Keizer feat. Travis Talley - "FWD"
19. Alyus - "Follow Me" (Free Everything remix)
20. Soulmagic - "We Love This Music"
21. AtFunk - "Nu Room"
22. Salsoul Orchestra - "Dangerous Love Break" (DJ Wood edit)
23. Husky - "Bringin' Back"
24. AtFunk - "Sequence 75"
25. Gene Siewing - "You're Not A DJ"
26. Spirit Catcher - "Galactik Files"
27. Robert Babicz - "Astor" (Shur-I-Kan remix)
28. Redsoul - "Call On Me"
29. Peter Haze - "Tone Alone"
30. Miguel Migs - "Friend of The Blues"
31. Haldo - "U're My Inspiration"


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