Jaymystic - “Melody Of Love”

Hot off the presses and right into your ears, comes my latest creation. Compared with my last mix this one is extremely dynamic with a large range of styles and energy levels. I slowed down the BPMs so that you guys can fully appreciate the range of bass and styles that each little subsection contains.

The over all feel of the mix is on the deeper side but it really pumps in some areas and is incredibly chill in others. It really is a great ride that includes vocals, funk, latin, tech, progressive, tribal, jazzy, soul and some old school classics, all within the house genre. I absolutely love this one and hope you all will give the whole mix a listen. I think you will greatly appreciate the journey once you have experienced the whole thing.



Jaymystic- "Melody Of Love"

1. Kruse & Nuernberg – “Summer Santuary”
2. Distant People – “Guidance”
3. Scope – “Deep Inside”
4. Chuck Love – “Soul Symphony”
5. Zion H – “Go With The Flow”
6. Soul Rebels – “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
7. Dj Meme Orchestra – “Love Is You”
8. The Black Beatnik – “Change”
9. Arco – “Melody Of Love”
10. Stereo Mutants – “I Wanna Go”
11. Fletewodd Mac – “Dreams”
12. Universal Funk – “Smokin' Love”
13. Davison Ospina - "Carioca"
14. Frankie Knuckles – “The Ones U Love” (DJ Meme Remix)
15. Tourist – “Aorta” (Ross Couch)
16. Nikota Gala – “The Beginning”
17. Alias Rhythm – “Something”
18. Underground Solution – “Luv Dancin'”
19. Karol XVII – “Get Up” (Wawa Remix)
20. Micky More – “Sparrow Soul”
21. Jay-J – “Love Alive”
22. Kevin Yost – “Never Forget You”
23. Grant Nelson – “Black Water” (DJ Meme Remix)
24. Toni Braxton – “Make My Heart Part 2”
25. James What – “About Love”
26. Harold Health – “Run Things”
27. Norty Cotto – “You Don’t Know”
28. Nicky Romero – “Play 'n Stop”
29. Roy Davis Jr. – “Enjoy The Ride” (James Talk Remix)
30. Danism – “Love the Way”
31. Ross Couch – “Love At First Sight”
32. Human Life – “In It Together”
33. Lovebirds – “Want U In My Soul”
34. Ross Couch – “Last One Home” (Spiritchaser Remix)
35. Mission Control – “Outta Limits”
36. Rene Breitbarth – “Drone”
37. Deep Space Orchestra – “On The Inside”
38. Solarity – “Start”


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