Jaymystic - Let The Morning Come

I can’t remember the last I programmed a mix that didn’t have the dance floor as it’s sole purpose.  With that in mind I decided to record one strictly for the pleasure of listening to deep techy tunes. You might be able dance to parts here and there but the major of it this is about one thing, experiencing great music that takes you into another space. 

Back in the old days, we would call this style music cuddle puddle, X Music or “come down” music and would always play this stuff when we got home from the parties, raves or were tripping at home with friends.  I am in a different place in my life now and don’t really partake in most of those activities anymore but that doesn’t mean I still don’t have a soft spot for deep trippy music. 

So here you are, with two hours of really great deep techy tunes at your fingertips, what are you going do? I recommend putting on your headphones, closing your eyes and really let this one sink in while you listen.  If you let it, this mix will take you another place and bring you back home safe and sound. 

Hope you enjoy the listen!


1. Davi – “False Awakenings”
2. D. Diggler – “Weed”
3. Audiowhores & Haze – “Stay” (Dub Instrumental)
4. Fred Everything – “Searching” (Deetron Remix)
5. Andrew Macari – “Release Me”
6. Simian Mobile Disco – “Hachinoko”
7. Slinder – “Labyrinth” (Slinder Remix)
8. Namito & Brams – “YTO”
9. Paperclip People – “Throw”
10. Matt Lange – “This Is How It Is”
11. Nandu – “Walk” (Andre Crom RMX)
12. Rishi K. – “Paint the Sky”
13. Jay F.M. – “My World” (Lucefora “Into The Deep” Remix)
14. Roman Flugel – “Teenage Engineering”
15. KMLN – “Danadue”
16. Maher Daniel – “Lonely Stars In Open Skies”
17. Bedouin – “Flight Of Birds”
18. Lake People – “Drifting Red” (Lawrence RMX)
19. Tim Penner – “Ride Til Dawn”
20. Loquai – “Night Crawler"
21. Kiki – “Supermoon”
22. Helly Larson –“ Floating In Space”
23. Kriece – “Downfall” (Jay Tripwire Dub)
24. Florian Muller – “Weird Times”
25. Matter – “You Are Here” (Matias Chilano RMX)
26. Andy Hart – “Dream On Kepler”


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