Jaymystic - “Intelligent Design”

This is the third mix in the Drum & Bass series that I recently put together. This one is a combo of ambient tunes and atmospheric d'nb. The overall purpose of this mix is meant more for meditation and visualization purposes than the dance floor, but I tried to show the listener that both can be accomplished through two totally different styles.

The first 40 minutes of the mix is pure ambient bliss without one beat, snare clap or bass kick. Its textured layers and smooth synch lines provide the listener with a mental guide for the imaginary landscape of their mind. This gives way to the second 40 minutes of deep bass lines, atmospheric synths, and an overall feeling of floating or flying through the clouds. Hope this mix delivers the out - of - body experience I intended it to have.



Jaymystic - "Intelligent Design"

1. Steve Roach - "Moon & Star"
2. Global Communication - "939"
3. The Grid - "Roller Coaster"
4. Ultimate Dream - "Theme From Body Double"
5. Global Communication - "1431"
6. Spacetime Continuum - "Floatilla"
7. Zero T ft. Conrad - "Morning Sex"
8. Intersperse - "Time Out Of Mind"
9. Commix - "Hide & Seek"
10. Netsky - "I Refuse"
11. Felon - "Lighten The Load"
12. Funky Technicians - "Airtight" (Ferry Remix)
13. PFM - "One & Only"
14. Phat Playaz - "Clockwork"
15. Seba - "As Long As It Takes"
16. Vice Verse - "Shinning Thru"
17. Syncopix - "Blue Fog"
18. Drum Origins - "Infinite Orbit"
19. Matrix & Futurebound - "Family (ft. Robert Owens)"
20. D-Bridge vs. Fierce - "Daylight"
21. Zyon Base - "Mushishi"


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