Funguy - “Live @ LA Decom 2009″

Although I was not an official member of the Mystikal Misfits at Burning Man last year, I did bust my ass to build and remove the stage at LA Decom. This effort landed me a time slot on their stage thanks to my good friend Orence (Alien Underground, MyTopolis). I had food poisoning that day, and spent the previous night in agony. Determination pushed me on and what you are about to hear are the results. 



Funguy - "Live @ LA Decom 2009"

1. Simo - "Pigs 4 Dinna" feat Mancub
2. ???? - "Boogie Star"
3. Oliver Koletzki - "Technica Salsa"
4. David West & Ida Engberg - "The Giant From Nibiru"
5. Charles Feelgood - "Hasta Manana" (Jeff T Remix)
6. Swen Weber - "Samba De Bochum"
7. Electrixx - "Tetris"
8. Quadra Beat - "Spike" (Malo Remix)
9. DJ Dan, The Loops of Fury - "Flick A Switch" (Mike Balance Mix)
10. Chef - "Toccating" - (Freeform Five vs CHEF Edit)
11. Strider - "The Edge"
12. DJ Dan -Illectrolingus (Jeff T Remix)
13. Roman Salzger - "Lollipop Machine"


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