Funguy - “Exotic Sounds 2″

This is my personal favorite mix so far. The music is so amazing and the journey is well...exotic! Some of the tracks were on the exotic 1 mix but they fit so well I feel they deserve another go. Days of work went into getting the photo art for this mix. Much love to Evan Weitzberg and Kris Kim at for their photographs and time. Much love to Amparo for her hard work and time.

Be sure to check out one of my favorite new producers, Kaminanda from San Diego. The first two tracks are his and inspired the entire mix to happen, so much love to him!



Funguy - "Exotic Sounds 2"

1. Kaminanda - "Bamboo Mountain"
2. The Beatles - "Dear Prudence" (Kaminanda remix)
3. Eat Static - "Epoch Calypso"
4. Kayla Scintilla - "Aladdin's Womp"
5. The Beatles - "Come Together" (David Starfire remix)
6. Christophe Goze - "The Traveller"
7. Thunderball - "The Road To Benares"
8. Massive Attack - "Hymn of the Big Wheel" (Nellee Hooper mix)
9. Kaya Project - "Lotus Kiss"
10. Eat Static - "Dune Rider"
11. Shpongle - "Molecular Superstructure"
12. Vibrasphere - "San Pedro"
13. Telepath - "Subterfuge"
14. Opiuo - "Bogan Protein"
15. ????? 16. David Starfire - "Stargazer"
17. Vent - "Bear Crunk"
18. Kayla Scintilla - "Arabian Boogie"
19. Shpongle - "I Am You"


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