Anna Langley - “Full Xircle - Volume IV”

We're excited to bring you an exclusive new mix from our friend Anna Langley. Just in time for Summer, this spellbinding mix is perfect for road trips, skinny dips or with a bag of potato chips. And much like chips, one listen just isn't enough! ;)

Born and raised in Portland OR, Anna Langley is a DJ/Producer with influences deeply rooted in house and techno. Her interest in music came about at an early age, leading her to take piano lessons throughout her youth.

In 1999, she moved to Los Angeles for school and as part of her studies, Anna lived in Madrid as an exchange student in 2001. Immersed in European culture, she quickly discovered the world of electronic music. This newfound passion for music peaked her interest in the art of DJ'ing and it was only a matter of time before she found herself in front of a crowd.

To date, she has graced the decks of numerous events up and down the west coast leaving a smiling trail of fans everywhere she goes. For more DJ mixes from Anna, please visit and for more info on her or other AKA artists, please visit

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