Jaymystic - Let The Morning Come

• December 22nd, 2015

I can’t remember the last I programmed a mix that didn’t have the dance floor as it’s sole purpose.  With that in mind I decided to record one strictly for the pleasure of listening to deep techy tunes. You might be able dance to parts here and there but the major of it this is about one thing, experiencing great music that takes you into another space. 

Back in the old days, we would call this style music cuddle puddle, X Music or “come down” music and would always play this stuff when we got home from the parties, raves or were tripping at home with friends.  I am in a different place in my life now and don’t really partake in most of those activities anymore but that doesn’t mean I still don’t have a soft spot for deep trippy music. 

So here you are, with two hours of really great deep techy tunes at your fingertips, what are you going do? I recommend putting on your headphones, closing your eyes and really let this one sink in while you listen.  If you let it, this mix will take you another place and bring you back home safe and sound. 

Hope you enjoy the listen!


1. Davi – “False Awakenings”
2. D. Diggler – “Weed”
3. Audiowhores & Haze – “Stay” (Dub Instrumental)
4. Fred Everything – “Searching” (Deetron Remix)
5. Andrew Macari – “Release Me”
6. Simian Mobile Disco – “Hachinoko”
7. Slinder – “Labyrinth” (Slinder Remix)
8. Namito & Brams – “YTO”
9. Paperclip People – “Throw”
10. Matt Lange – “This Is How It Is”
11. Nandu – “Walk” (Andre Crom RMX)
12. Rishi K. – “Paint the Sky”
13. Jay F.M. – “My World” (Lucefora “Into The Deep” Remix)
14. Roman Flugel – “Teenage Engineering”
15. KMLN – “Danadue”
16. Maher Daniel – “Lonely Stars In Open Skies”
17. Bedouin – “Flight Of Birds”
18. Lake People – “Drifting Red” (Lawrence RMX)
19. Tim Penner – “Ride Til Dawn”
20. Loquai – “Night Crawler"
21. Kiki – “Supermoon”
22. Helly Larson –“ Floating In Space”
23. Kriece – “Downfall” (Jay Tripwire Dub)
24. Florian Muller – “Weird Times”
25. Matter – “You Are Here” (Matias Chilano RMX)
26. Andy Hart – “Dream On Kepler”


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Danny Massure - Live @ Easy pts 1 & 2 - 11/8/15

• December 22nd, 2015

Check out this live mix from Easy resident: Danny Massure, recorded at the debut event in November.  Danny is a talented producer & DJ within the world music scene and we're honored to have him involved in the Easy events. 

For more info on Danny, visit http://dannymassure.com

The Hush Crew


Part 1
1. Jungle Fire- "Tokuta" (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar)
2. DJ Cation - "Danza Negra" (Danny Massure Edit)
3. The Beatnuts - "Watch Out Now" (Altered Tapes Rework)
4. Finnebassen - "Baby" (Ron Basejam Remix)
5. William De Vaughn - "Be Thankful For What You Got" (FKJ Remix)
6. D'Angelo - "Brown Sugar" (King Most Redirection)
7. AM & Shawn Lee - "Somebody Like You" (Loopez Remix)
8. Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - "Only Now" (Bosq Remix)
9. Novalima - "Yo Voy" (Faze Action remix)

Part 2
10. SkiiTour - "Awkward Tour"
11. Sunner Soul - "Show Me Your Love"
12. Captain Planet feat. Chico Mann - "Un Poquito Mas"
13. Pablo Sanchez - "Out and About" (Opolopo remix)
14. SkiiTour - "Senior Mafia" (Get Money)
15. Fatty M, Matoa - "Douchebag"

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Scotty James - Live @ Easy - 11/8/15

• December 22nd, 2015

For those of you who missed it, here's a copy of my warm up mix from the launch of our monthly event: Easy.  It's a mix of house & nu-disco.  For up to date info on Easy and other Hush Crew events, visit http://hushcrew.com.

Scotty James


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Alex Castillo - Live @ Easy - 11/8/15

• December 22nd, 2015

Check out this live mix from Alex Castillo, recorded at the debut of our new monthly outdoor event: Easy.  Alex is one of the founding members of Jam On It Productions, who's yearly flagship event is Slinky.  Aside from being an amazing DJ, he's an amazing person and always entertaining to see behind the decks.

For more info on Alex and Slinky, please visit http://www.jamonitproductions.com

Download, share, enjoy!
The Hush Crew


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Scotty James - Breathe

• September 23rd, 2015

Earlier this year I was asked to play for a special “Glow Flow” yoga class at Core Power Yoga in Hollywood, CA. The turnout was great and I had amazing time playing for the class. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my recorder, so I decided to recreate the mix so others could enjoy.

It’s an uplifting house mix sandwiched with a couple downtempo tracks in the beginning and end of the mix. Hope you enjoy!

Scotty James


1. Bondax - “Just Smile For Me” feat. Bobbie Gordon
2. Auditory Canvas - “Lost And Found”
3. Lane 8 - “Every Night”
4. Mickey - “Holding Hands”
5. Lexer - “Rusty Heart”
6. Nora En Pure - “True”
7. Mr. Probz (Robin Schulz) - “Waves”
8. Alex Adair - “Make Me Feel Better”
9. Odesza - “Bloom” (Lane 8 Remix)
10. Lane 8 - “Be Mine”
11. Odesza - “Sun Models” feat. Madelyn Grant
12. Alina Baraz - “Pretty Thoughts”
13. Synkro - “Acceptance”

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Funguy - Ride The Snake

• September 13th, 2015

Funguy is back with a psychedelic chill-step, psy-dub, psy-chill mix. This one goes out to all you trippers out there. Put the headphones on, spark up a fatty, close your eyes and relax.

(Warning may cause sweating, paranoia, vomiting, dizziness, hallucinations, drowsiness, out of body experiences, nirvana, irritable bowel syndrome and flatulence)



1. Hinkstep - “Not Dead Just Forgotten“
2. Android Cartel - “Wake Up Call” (Desert Dwellers Remix)
3. David Starfire - “Soma Dreams” (Clozee Remix)
4. Desert Dwellers - “Seeing Things” (Kaminanda Remix)
5. Adrian Sherwood & Lee Scratch Perry - “Elixar of Life”
6. Sunmonx - “Owls”
7. Sergio Walgood - “Step In”
8. Bumble - “Viscous”
9. Eurythmy & Electrypnose - “Further”
10. Hibernation - “Plastics”
11. Sergio Walgood - “The Dream” (Extended Version)
12. Beatfarmer - “Tuvan Dream/Tuvan Trance” (Funguy Re-edit)
13. Snimbe - “Tama” (Polish Ambassador Remix)
14. Random Rab - “Release”

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Jaymystic - Deeply Rooted

• September 4th, 2015

This is the first deep house mix I have put together in quite a while. I decided to finally make this after going through all the deeper house tracks I had been buying over the last 8 months and was blown away by just how many quality tracks I had. This is definitely a tribute to all great music currently being made within the genre.

This mix starts over with that deep jazzy soulful sound that I made a name for myself with back in the 90s. The jazzy stuff gives way to some straight ahead deep vocals. I stay with this vibe for a while ending with to epic instrumental anthems. One features a harmonica and the other a middle-eastern style guitar solo. The instrument section ends with a cool remix of Frankie Knuckles anthem The Whistle song.

From there I get really deep and techy. The last eight songs are very deep, super heady and can take on nice little trip through the outer limits. I had a lot of fun getting back to my deep house roots with this. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.



1. Tim Deluxe – “Trying To Find A Way”
2. Deep Xcape – “The Missing Color”
3. Spiritchaser – “These Tears”
4. Ali Love – “Deep Into The Night”
5. Tough Love – “Dreams” (Audiowwhores Remix)
6. Soul Divine – “Secret Love” (Shane D Remix)
7. Dave Seaman – “Gumball” (Dario D’attis Remix)
8. Forza, Matan Caspi – “Made In The Future”
9. Kevin Yost – “Never Forget You”
10. Harry Romero – “From The Soul”
11. Peppermint Heaven – “Plenty Of Time” (Eric Kupper Remix)
12. Kikko Esse – “My Angel” (Mark Di Meo Remix)
13. John Cutler – “It’s Yours” (Joey Negro Remix)
14. Kimara Lovelace – “How Much I Love You”
15. Dj Spen & Todd Terry – “Stone Fox Chase”
16. Electronic Youth – “Sahara”
17. Death on the Balcony – “Soul Searching”
18. Spirit Cathcer – “Superimposed”
19. Matan Caspi – “On A Plane”
20. Frankie Knuckles – “The Whistle Song” (Revisited)
21. Allan Zax – “What About It”
22. Ross Couch – “Underground People”
23. Jimpster – “English Rose”
24. Tim Penner – “Ride Till Dawn”
25. The Juan Maclean – “Simple Design” (Deetron Remix)
26. The Timewrite – “Wasteland”
27. Butch – “LSD 25”
28. Masaya – “Get You” (Yapacc)
29. Maxim Buldakov – “Obnimal It Is”

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Scotty James - Live @ Slinky 16

• September 4th, 2015

So I finally got around to uploading a copy of my mix from this year's Slinky event.  Apologies it took so long, things have been a little hectic for me lately.  Slinky is by far one of my favorite events every year.   I consider myself lucky to be a resident, considering how many talented DJs are on the lineup each year.  

To learn more about Slinky and to hear other mixes from past events, please visit http://www.jamonitproductions.com.

Scotty James


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Jaymystic - Ascension

• April 11th, 2015

I finally found some time to record a new DnB mix with all the new tunes I have been finding over the past several months. In contrast to my last several DnB mixes, I wanted to cover a lot of ground in this one and really take people on a journey.

This trip starts off with a couple of techy tunes but gets into the jump up thing fairly quickly. It stays with the harder sounds for a while before shifting down into some liquid mellowing things out a bit. It stays liquid for a couple tracks before dropping back into the harder sounds.

From there, the mix goes back and forth between heady / ethereal tunes and big bass rollers for really unique sound that you don’t often hear in the DnB world. The mix comes to a close with about 30 minutes of liquid tech that really sets up the ending nicely.

The mix really is quite journey and clocking in at 3 hours I find myself fairly emotionally spent after listening to it. I really had fun programming and recording this one, hope you all enjoy it as much as did making it.



1. Northern Horizon – "Faint”
2. Jaybee – "Delivery Service"
3. Turno - "Boiling Point” (Filthy Habits Remix)
4. Dr. Meaker – "Fighter"
5. Pleasure – "Danger Close"
6. Wilkinson – "Overdose"
7. Mav – "Makatik"
8. Current Value – "Dissonant"
9. Bladerunner – "Red Alert"
10. Impish – "With You"
11. Scar – "When"
12. Spectrasoul – "Wedgehead"
13. Rido – "Twisted"
14. Poscheck – "Heady Heights"
15. Nookie – "Innerspace"
16. Mav – "Cruise Control"
17. Anth M – "Lounge Floor"
18. Champion & Maduk – "Love Like This"
19. Rowpieces – "Untrapped Visions"
20. Silent Witness – "Aura"
21. S.P.Y. – “Brstl Hardcore"
22. Majistrate & Sensai – "Whats Going On"
23. Chords – "High Groove"
24. Paul T – "Lightbeam"
25. Taxman – "Close Your Eyes"
26. Mindscape – "Like a Rag"
27. CLS – "In The Morning"
28. Scott Allen – "Shoreline"
29. Random Movement – "Twilight at The Height"
30. Mikal – "Say Nothing"
31. Danger, Shrust – "Nautilus"
32. Astral Valley – "Contact with Life"
33. Hidden Orchestra – "Vorka" (DC Breaks Remix)
34. The Insiders – "Wonder Why" (Break mix)
35. Amaning – "Take Me"
36. OW3S & Deco – “Step back"
37. Kid Kenobi – "Rize Up" (Greg Packer Remix)
38. Blade & Soulstructure" – "Soul 201"
39. Keeno – "Nocturne"
40. Random Movement – "Open Circuit"
41. Response – "S.O.S."
42. Cyantific – "Type A"
43. Artificial Intelligence – "Mind Control"
44. Jaydan – "No Stopping"
45. Filthy Habits – "The Unknown"
46. Supreme Being – "Ain’t no Pain"
47. Taxman – "Cool it Judy"
48. Zero Prospekt – "Jump Raider"
49. Samy Nicks – "Robo Twerk"
50. Light of Night – "Harder"
51. Glen E Ston – "On and On"
52. Blu Mar Ten – "Headturner"
53. Seibel – "Moonrise"
54. Dj Ackonda – "Alpine"
55. Soul Cube & Rowpieces – "Wake up"
56. Funkware – "Beyond the Stars"
57. Alexus – "Secret Stream"
58. Paul SG – "Deegee"
59. Simplifaction - "Deep"

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Jaymystic - Fluidity

• January 20th, 2015

This is the second of two mixes I recorded inspired by all of the great new drum & bass tunes coming out lately. In contrast to the last mix, this one is more subdued and explores the deeper tech and liquid sides of DnB.

I start off with some deep tech and work my way into a couple of really big tech tunes from SPY and BeNNs. From there I mellow it out again, spending the rest of mix going back and forth between deeper tech and jazz influenced tunes. This is great mix to enjoy on high end system. The extremes in frequency ranges and subtle emotion gives this mix a very distinct sound that think everyone will enjoy.



1. Rowpieces – "An Intense Moment"
2. Commix – "Hide & Seek"
3. Intelligent Manners – "Numb"
4. SPY & Total Science – "Cold Harsh Air"
5. Mental Chemistry – "Biscuit"
6. SPY – "Lost Orbit"
7. BeNNs – "Signal"
8. SPY – "Perth Sunset"
9. Dj Unknown – "Pictures"
10. Survival – "Ever Clear"
11. Flame – "Hesitate"
12. D Bridge – "Since We’ve Been Apart"
13. Static & Scott Allen – "Walking in Darkness"
14. Clipz – "Tsunami"
15. London Electricity – "Flesh Music"
16. Electrosoul System – "So Close"
17. Anth M – "In Your Arms"
18. Blu Mar Ten – "Overwelm" (Seba Remix)
19. Command Strange – "Soul Travel"
20. Mav – "Open Your Mind"
21. Soul Connection – "Heaven"
22. Smote – "Born To My Soul"
23. Gen - "Catcha"

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