Turn On, Tune In & Freq Out!


That's right kids! We're freq'n out! We've been working hard and excited to announce that we've upgraded HushRadio.com into an internet radio station. Not only is it a bitchin' podcast, but we now have the ability to broadcast live shows. Yep Yep! When we're not on the air, the station is loaded up with content so you can now just press play and walk away.

Tune in next Monday 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST for our kick off show with jlife and on Tuesday 7-9pm PST/10-12pm EST to catch Scotty James. We haven't quite figured out time slots, so things will be in flux for the next month or so. Bear with us as we build our content arsenal & show schedule. If you're a DJ an interested in doing a show, hit us up. Let's talk. In the meantime, be sure to join our Hush Radio Facebook Page to stay on top of updates.

The Hush Crew