Jordan Spigner - “Beats & Brandy”

The winter months call for two things: Beats & Brandy! Both things warm the heart and spark up elements of nostalgia. I have been sitting on this mix for a while...I never really focused on making a mix that was genre specific. This is my attempt...and my failure. In trying to have a singular focus I managed to go all over the place. In the end it created a nice journey that I am sure you will all enjoy.

Jordan Spigner


Jordan Spigner - "Beats & Brandy"

1. ? - "Fractures"
2. Sebastien Leger -"Majuro"
3. Lovebirds - "Want You In My Soul feat. Stee Downes" (Hot Toddy Remix)
4. Jean Jacques Smoothie - "2People (2011 Rework)" (Louis La Roche Remix)
5. Justus Kohncke - "Timecode"
6. Volta Bureau - "Alley Cat"
7. Boys Noize, Erol Alkan - "Waves" (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake)
8. Envotion - "Atmos Avenue" (Original Mix)
9. Eli Escobar - "Love Thing Part 3" (Only You)
10. Pet Shop Boys - "Love etc." (Gui Boratto Mix)
11. Sasha - "Xpander" (Funkagenda Remix)
12. The Age of Love - "The Age Of Love" (Watch Out For Stella Mix)
13. Kevin Saunderson - "Rock To The Beat" (Christian Smith & John Selway Remix)
14. Gat Decor - "Passion"


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