jlife - “Many Faces”

Why does every mix tape have to have the same sounding stuff in it? The same monotonous beat, the same genre, the same tempo? I really appreciate a mix that takes you to new place. One that tells a new story, rather than the same 'ol. Throughout my adventures in this amazing music scene, I've heard and appreciated all types of music. I've also met various types of people along the way. I'm terrible with names of both tracks and people, but that doesn't mean I love them any less. This mix is dedicated to the many faces of both people and music that have passed through my life. Whether or not they've remained in my life, they've made an impact. These experiences should be cherished, for their simplistic beauty enriches our lives. It's the simple things that remind us of the brilliance of life and people.



jlife - "Many Faces"

1 Ulrich Schnauss - "In All The Wrong Places' (TMS 3rd Tip Mix)
2 Shonen Jump - "Vincnzo"
3 Palmskin Productions - "Magnetic North" (Solomun Remix)
4 Sideshow & Paul St Hilaire - "If Alone" (Chateau Flight Dub Mix)
5 1st class - Sharing Transparently (John Silva Deep House Mix)
6 Petter, U.N.K.L.E & Sasha - "These Days/What Are You To Me" (Involver mix)
7 ???
8 Lamb - "What Sound" (Tom Middleton Mix)
9 Laird & John Picket - "Ohhh Ma Ma Ma"
10 S.P.Y. - "Generation"
11 Logistics - "Transporter"
12 Spektralsoul - "Dark Hour"
13 Bachelors of Science - "Song For Lovers"


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