jlife - Lifters of the Suck

The title is what is says. Music has an amazing healing power and for me, the most strength comes from Drum and Bass. It seems like things are changing at a rapid pace these days, but one thing that seems to remain free of corruption of infected by the affected is good old DnB.

There are not many drugs that relieve the day to day struggles (without hallowing ones' soul out) like music. Hearing the right sound can actually release your body's own natural drug called "endorphins". That is your brain telling your body that you really like something. But you knew that.

There is an endless amount of things that you can say make life "suck". Music is the one thing that makes all those things digest comfortably. I hope this brings you to a happy place in the clouds where the "suck" cant find you. Hopefully this medicine has the right ingredients to help lift you up and out of the "suck" if it has somehow invaded your mainframe. Jump into your invisible plane and raise high in the sky where the "suck" cant survive.

Use these tracks to defend you from the "suck". You know you are ready. You have your weapons now and these tracks are exactly that...the "Lifters of the Suck"!


jlife_liftersofthesuck.jpgjlife - "Lifters Of The Suck"

1. Komatic - "The Open Choice"
2. Carter, Paul SG - "Telly's Theme"
3. Macca, Loz Conteras - "Wanna Be Your Lover"
4. Phat Playaz - "Date With You In The Next Life"
5. Tokyo Prose - "Songbird"
6. Calibre - "The Wash"
7. Severity Zero - "Bread & Cruises"
8. Cameo & Krooked - "All Night" (Etherwood remix)
9. Platform, Mina Fedora - "Never Mind" feat. Mina Fedora (Duoscience VIP)
10. Mayforms, Dekoi - "Eternal Sunshine"
11. Command Strange - "If You Want To Make Love"
12. Blade - "Levitate"
13. ??? - "Affection"
14. Brunno Junglist - "Parents" (Duoscience remix)
15. DJ Chap - "Inna Streets" (L-Side remix)
16. Calibre - "Miraculous"
17. Lomax, Bcee, Deeizm - "One Year On" (Vocal Edit)
18. Nclear, Eugenics Eight - "Break Down"
19. XRS, DJ Marky - "Distant Lover"
20. Nclear - "You'll Never Know" feat. KNR


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