jlife - “Feeling Like A #”

Hey kids! This mix was a lot of fun to make.  It's meant to take you on a journey. I know, I know. That's what every DJ says when they hand you a CD, but some of us care way too much about this shit.  I like a mix to be something you can put on at a lounge or a party. I try not to get stuck in one genre. What's good is good, and when people ask me what I like or play, it's hard to answer that question. From deep to funky to dreamy to hard and penetrating, if it gets you off you ass then I'll find a way to play it. So with that said, I hope you like this salad of electronic music.             

Oh yeah, about the title. Believe it or not, it was meant to be a really fun and cheesy title. Like something someone would say at a jazz club or piano bar..,"Hey Sam , I'm feeling like hearing a little number".  Or perhaps a musical number on acid? The phrase took on a whole new meaning when I was going through pictures for the cover and found a photo I took when I was in Japan. It was in a really cool store called Tokyu Hands. They had everything you could ever want. They had whole floors devoted arts and crafts, so I was amazed when I saw the variety of mini people. All of them varying in size, color and situation and displayed in little plastic boxes with price tags on them. "How profound". Anyway, I hope you like it.   



jlife- "Feeling Like A #"

1. Claude VonStroke - "Aundy"
2. Milton Jackson - "Open My Eyes"
3. Ian Pooley - "Around Here"
4. Tom Middleton - "Hypnotizer" (Francois Dubois Classy Disco Remix)
5. Robert Babicz - "Astor" (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
6. John Berg - "Stabs"
7. Soul Minority - "Retroplex"
8. Phil Fuldner - "Brighter"
9. Subjekt - "Step Back" (Square One Remix)
10. Lusine - "Two Dots" (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
11. M.V.I.P. - "Aviator" (Pooley Dub Mix)
12. Compuphonic & Spiritcatcher - "Dream Machine"
13. Anton Fine - "Metanoia" (Deep House MIx)
14. Chris Sterio, Section 75 - "Illusion" (Lynx Remix)


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