jlife - Beautiful Darkness

A few words... I decided to start this mix with a what could be my all time favorite dnb track . I realized I haven't made a mix in a while, so I grabbed random tracks from different years and some how these tracks just seemed to roll together nicely. The beats and melodies seemed to flow so lovely and I felt even though it was a super fast process this time, it was the pure luck of draw with this one.

I also realized after focusing on the melodies and music part, that the lyrics on most of the tracks are rather dark. Regardless, it doesn't matter because it's always been about the music with me. I enjoyed making it, I hope you feel what I felt. The smiles, the endorphins, and most definitely the tingles.


jlife - "Beautiful Darkness"

1. Seba & Lo Tek - "So Long"
2. Dave Owen - "Spare Change"
3. Enea - "Waiting"
4. Total Science feat. Riya - "Suspicious" (Alex Perez Remix)
5. MSDOS & Clart - "Obstacles"
6. Ji Ben Gong & Kalum - "Play With Your Heart"
7. DJ Marky & Invaderz - "Break The Spell"
8. Zero T & Steo - "Refusal" (Calibre Remix)
9. Hybrid Minds - "Meant To Be"
10. Airstake - "2100"
11. Seba - "Shades Of Me & You"
12. Greyscale - "Impossible Dream"
13. Phil Tangent - "Contrition"
14. Total Science Feat Riya - "See Your Face"
15. Sunny Crimea - "Dance With You"
16. Young Ax - "High Rollers"
17. Komatic & Technicolor - "We Were Always One"


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