Jaymystic - “Pleasure From The Bass - Part 1″

The name of this mix implies everything you need to know about general theme. I choose tunes ranging from deep disco/funk and minimal/tech to uplifting/vocal tech but they all had to have some sort of monster bassline. The Big Al tunes as well as the Guy J and Tiga tunes truly typify the range of possibilities in bass.

The mix starts out with some uplifting techy vocals but gets really deep fairly quickly. I keep the music really deep and techy for a while before finally bringing the mood of the mix back up for a couple of disco jams with a Lionel Richie remix in there that hopefully catches you off guard.

From there I jump right back into the deeper tech sounds but with a more minimal approach before heading straight into some deeper disco sounds. I keep it lighter for a while with the disco and funk but finally end the mix with some uplifting deeper tech sounds.

I think this is a really good exploration of the deeper side of house. The mix turned out to be 2 hours and 23 minutes so I decided to split it in two parts. Here is part 1. Hope you enjoy it!



Jaymystic - "Pleasure From The Bass - Part 1"

1. Monte - "True"
2. Spiritchaser - "Yesterday's Gone"
3. Big Al - "Smooth" (Messenger Remix)
4. Seductive Sapphire - "When The Beat Drops" (DJ Sound Science Remix)
5. Tom Conrad - "How I Need You Tonight"
6. Edmund - "When It Flows"
7. Maceo Plex - "Future Music"
8. Guy J - "Easy As Can Be"
9. Habischman - "Diabolic" (Douglas Greed Remix)
10. Simon Mattson - "Violation"
11. Sueno Soul - "What You Want" (Tom Conrad Remix)
12. Jacob Beach - "Bend"
13. Miguel Migs - "Lionels Jam"
14. Tube Berger - "Lovebreak"
15. Tiga - "Pleasure From The Bass"
16. Maceo Plex - "Love Somebody Else"
17. Ross Couch - "Migration" (House Mix)
18. Demarkus Lewis - "In Comes Love"
19. 2nd Shift - "Somethin' Else"


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