Jaymystic - Infinite Horizon

I feel this is one of the best mixes I have put together in my 20+ years DJing. Every single song seems like it was made to perfectly fit together with the one before and after it. The mix is a combination of tech house, deeper progressive house and techno that reminds me a lot of the old Sasha and Digweed days of the early 2000’s but with a modern twist. Right from the beginning it pulls you in and never lets you go for the full hour and 20 minutes.

I pushed up the BPMs just a little for this one (126bpm) because I felt like the music wanted to a little faster than typical 123bpms most house is being played at. I haven’t been able to stop listening to for a full week now and think that you will enjoy it just as much.

Thanks for listening!


1. Howson’s Groove - “Body & Soul”
2. Fer Ferrari - “Midnight Express”
3. Matt Lange - “Underscore”
4. King Unique - “Yohkoh” (Rodrigo Mateo Remix)
5. Toppy - “Stay Focused”
6. Rich Curtis - L”atitude Ends” (Andre Sobota Remix)
7. Sharam - “Tripi”
8. Harry Romero - “Get Deep”
9. Dinka - “Violet”
10. Dutchican Soul - “Time Won’t Wait” (Onno Ober Remix)
11. Eric Ericksson - “Yuki” (Deeper Dub)
12. David Maddocks - “Eyes”
13. Manolo - “Let the Bass”
14. Ben Coda - “Snowblaze”
15. Dark Science - “Rust”
16. Reboot - “Sampson” (Harry Romero Remix)
17. Andrea Betolini - “Luminescent” (Ben Coda Remix)
18. Harry Peat - “Afrrodiiziac” (Quavver Remix)
19. Lucky - “Tribal Fact”
20. Fur Coat - “There’s No Time”
21. Dapple Apple - Moving Scenery”
22. Matan Caspi - “Fabulous” (Relaunch Remix)
23. Ben Coda & Matan Caspi - “Absolute Zero”


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