Jaymystic - “Delta Quadrant”

Weather so often influences the kind of music I am feeling. During warmer weather I usually like the more jazzy, soulful and vocal genres of dance music but when it gets cold, I find myself getting a little deeper and more into the techy, dare I say, even darker sounds and rhythms.

So with fall in full swing and winter looming just around the corner, I decided to put together a deep tech house and techno mix that would be perfect for those long dark and colder nights. Fortunately for me, the techier genres have been very strong lately with a large amount of quality releases, so putting together this mix was a seamless effort.

The mix starts off with some deeper driving techno and gradually mellows out into some uplifting style tech house. From there, the mix gets back into the techno side of things only to mellow out again right around the half way point. I keep it mellow with more funky and dubby style for awhile then end the journey with a choice section of techno and post-progressive house.

The whole mix really moves and has an incredibly techy feel to it. I had a blast programming and recording this one. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.



Jaymystic - Delta Quadrant

1. Dirk Diggler - "Transition"
2. Maxim Buldakov - "2517" (Yapacc Remix)
3. Yapacc - "Punkow"
4. Gavin Hearlihy - "The Sequence"
5. Spiritchaser - "I Have Seen"
6. Ralphi Rosaio - "Used To Hold Me" (Spiritchaser Remix)
7. Mathias Vogt - "Wake Up Call"
8. Dosem - "Tales Of Tomorrow"
9. Dosem - "Surrounded"
10. Nicolas Masseyeff - "I Am Music"
11. Betoko - "Raining Again"
12. Joshua - "Alpha & Omega"
13. Raxon - "Air Race" (Ross Couch Remix)
14. Joris Voom - "After The After"
15. Joshua - "Topography"
16. Groove Addict - "Faith"
17. Moon Runner - "House Track One"
18. Duwayne Motley - "Running From The Moon"
19. Jeremy - Caulifield - "Young Pretenders"
20. Leon & Pirupa - "Bassline"
21. A Man Called Adam - "Techno Powers"
22. Fred Everything - "Luv Lust"
23. Solarity - "Start"
24. Soundealers - "The Other Lane" (Giom Remix)
25. Dosem - "Trust"
26. Derek Howell - "Double Down" (Poison Pro Remix)
27. Affikt - "Bonaire" (Dosem Remix)
28. D-Nox & Beckers - "Jacaranda" (Dosem Remix)
29. Fusion F - "Blue River "


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