Jaymystic - Deeparture

This is the second mix in a series I am currently recording, that explores the more modern styles of deep house. Much like the first one, “Deeper”, this mix contains some of my favorite tech, vocal and bass oriented rhythms that I have collected in the past few months. From the very start, this mix gets right into the groove and really sets the tone for the entire 2.5 hours.

While it starts with a more deep house feel, the mix quickly progresses into a techy style and spends a good portion of the middle going between tech, deep and bass sounds, with the occasional vocal thrown in to break it up a bit. The later portion explores some of deeper techno sounds I have been collecting but it never really veers to far away from the deeper bassy tones established earlier. I bring the whole thing to end with some really incredible deep progressive tunes that have been making their way into the stores and conclude with the one best feel good, lights on songs I have ever found.

Seeing as how it took several months to piece this one together, I really think you are going to be able to hear the detail and time spent putting together the harmonies. Hope you enjoy the journey!

Thanks for listening,


Jaymystic - "Deeparture"

1. Tony Barbato – “Deep Down”
2. Pain Killer – “Balearic Groove”
3. Denis A - “Black Sun” (Guy Mantzur Remix)
4. Harold Heath – “Our Love”
5. Foamo – “Without You”
6. Jay Lumen – “Nobody”
7. Spiritchaser – “Human Factor”
8. SQL – “Wiebel” (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)
9. Isaac Tichauer – “Hypersensitive Lover”
10. Matter – “Grooving The Eternal Now”
11. Max & Sims – “Get It On”
12. Florian Meindl – “Flashmob” (Doc Martin’s Subwarp Voice Remix)
13. Frankie Knuckles – “The One’s You Love” (DJ Meme Remix)
14. Andrea Roma – “I Get Tired” (Moonbeam Remix)
15. Dousk – “Look Good Tonight”
16. Weiss – “Treat Me Right”
17. Seb Skalski – “I Am Over You” (Spiritchaser Remix)
18. Affkt – “Dorola”
19. Michael A – “Castle”
20. Noah Phred – “Loss For Words”
21. Affkt – “We Are Safe”
22. 4 Da People – “Mac Muzik”
23. Thodoris Triantafillou – “Body Clock”
24. Spencer Parker – “The Look”
25. Gulivert – “Time To Look”
26. Pipes – “Crooked Love” (Trevino Remix)
27. Maceo Plex – “Conjure Drama”
28. Time Takers – “Burning Up”
29. Low Steppa – “Dub”
30. Nathan Coles – “Stix”
31. Benny Graurer – “The Poem”
32. Blood Groove – “Sweet Harmony”
33. Dance Spirit – “You’re Not There”
34. M A N I K – “Finch”
35. Yuriy From Russia – “Santa Fe”
36. Guy J – “We Do It Best”
37. Hot Since 82 – “Error 909”
38. DNYO – “Roots” (Dousk Remix)
39. Terry Francis – “Relax” (Tigerskin Unconscious Remix)
40. Yunta – “Distorted” (Dale Middleton Remix)
41. Jaytech - “Atlantic”
42. Metodi Hristov – “Earth” (Coyu Edit)
43. Ida Engberg – “Devil Dance”
44. Jade Blue – “Lately”
45. Dousk – “Sleipner”
46. Steve McGrath – “Sea Of Clouds” (East Café Remix)
47. Mark Knight – “Man With The Red Face”


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