Funguy - “Hydrophonic Moongarden”

This 2007 mix introduced my new Electro style from my former Psy-Trance obsession. I really worked hard on finding my new sound in the previous year, and I believe this mix shines with utter greatness. The name came to me in a dream about living on a moon base. I had an indoor hydroponic garden that flourished to the vibes of constant sounds emanating from my stereo. Every morning I watched the Earth rise outside my porthole and smiled. The plants like it funky, chunky, and never lumpy. This mix will always stay crispy in milk.



Funguy - "Hydrophonic Moongarden"

1. Barclay Crenshaw - "The Southern Draw" (Southern Fried Mix)
2. Dj Touch'e - "The Girl's a Freak"
3. Suicide Sports Club and King Unique - "I Don't Know" feat. the Dead Rabbits (King Unique Mix)
4. Hyper and Caged Baby - "Twisted Emotion" (Caged Baby Mix)
5. Rabbit in the Moon - "Let's Dance"
6. Nu Boy - "2 Little Faith"
7. Kaiser Souzai - "Thelxiope"
8. Delphonic - "Under Pressure"
9. Swen Weber and Chris Count - "Bassman" (Chris Count Remix)
10. John Acquaviva and Chris Count - "First Stroke"
11. Quivver, Audio Magnetics and Bill Hamel - "Digital Music" (Hamel Mix)
12. Elite Force - "You"
13. Desert Dwellers - "Acid Monsters" (Phokus Seed Remix)
14. ??? - "Funky Siciliano" Original mix
15. Uberzone - "Satisfaction"
16. Bassnectar - "Kick it Komplex"


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  • stephanie

    for future reference: Southern Draw + White Horse. (too obvious? - kinda funny w some of the western/barnyard sounds, tho huh?! LoL)

    Feb 18, 2010 at 3:57 pm